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  1. [BUG] Start the game without prevously download the mod.
  2. [Overthrow] Major lag when huskar appears.
  3. [BUG] Overthrow with 6 player parties
  4. Cant insta respawn in try out a hero
  5. [BUG] Disconnects from Custom Game upon all 10/10 readying up.
  6. [BUG] Slark ult stays on other heroes in DEMO HERO
  7. [BUG] Can't join a game after server is found, only shows reconnect button
  8. Error initialization Play Dota 2 Rebourn
  10. Custom game crashed
  11. Graphics dota 2 reborn beta
  12. Automatic server selection should be based on location.
  13. Please add a repick host....
  14. Sorting custom games function not working properly
  15. Unable to start a custom game without a "Failed" loader
  16. Afk hosts have to be addressed so many games with an afk host..
  17. [BUG] Still counts down ~3min with failed loader
  18. [BUG] Disconnect button doesn't work
  19. [BUG] Shuffle Players to Empty Slot doesn't work
  20. [BUG] error model units not clickable
  21. [Suggestion] Improving the Custom games lobby experience
  22. [Suggestion] Solving the problem of AFK hosts
  23. [SUGGESTION] For lobby hosting and preventing leavers
  24. [Suggestion] Have an option to make a mod public, but not advertised
  25. customs games cacner
  26. [Suggestion] Option to not play message sound when not in chat tab
  27. Pumping GPM/XPM
  28. Some impressions on Reborn's custom game implementation from a WC3 custom maps player
  29. Need to kick or auto start because of TOO MANY AFK HOSTS
  31. 5.5gb Download
  32. "Create Private Lobby" Button.
  33. 9/10 forever
  34. [Bug] Hero names
  35. Unable to download any Custom Maps
  36. Some Suggestions for Parties playing Custom Games
  37. kicked out
  38. Unable to Download a Custom Game.
  39. Some maps crashing/disconnecting
  40. Overthrow is just unplayable, random DC e Fail to load
  41. CASTOM GAMES AFK host did not start the game .
  42. Spectating custom games?
  43. The API page on the wiki is now fully up to date
  44. Hosting private lobby, client crashed
  45. [Suggestion] Custom Games, Lobby, and general interface changes
  46. Will we be able to play custom games on valve servers in the future?
  47. Configurations shortcuts
  48. AFK/IDEL HOSTS - Custom lobbys full of inactive hosts stopping people playing!
  49. How to use/convert 2048x4096 dds texture to use it on model?
  50. DOTA-2 Beta Version
  51. Bug: Unable to sort lobby games by connection time from best to worst
  52. afk hosts
  53. [Suggestion]Make Lobby List Not Sorted By Alphabetical Order
  54. [BUG] Custom game data remnant
  55. Tusk can autoattack through snowball seen in Overthrow
  56. BUGS/SUGESTIONS so far
  57. Laggy servers?And cant reconnect bug
  58. Spell Imunnity disables auras in Ovethrow
  59. Worst servers for players
  60. Custom Games, Failed Connectors = No Game
  61. [BUG]Always shows download queued
  62. [Australia] Hosting on ADSL
  63. Waisting our time!
  64. Overthrow: The circle around the throne should give true sight to everyone within
  65. Custom Games Suggestions
  66. Dota2 needs a customer support like Blizzard has
  67. [Connection] Custom games lobby
  68. Custom Game Suggestions!!
  69. Custom Game Suggestion -- Automatic Game Download for Party Members
  70. You don't need to streamline the Custom Game UI too much
  71. Allow users to filter which realms they want play custom games on (US East, etc)
  72. Overthrow region lock needed!
  73. Problem with joining Custom Games
  74. It is possible to join games that have already started
  75. Custom Game Suggestion: Allow host to determine the amount of players in a lobby
  76. Party custom game bug
  77. [ Overthrow ] Naga Siren gains absurd amounts of gold using her illusions
  78. Every host is from another country
  79. We need a matchmaking system for Custom Games. A simple MMR filter idea: Ranked Lobby
  80. I want to remove the stat counting gems on my unusual courier without destroying it.
  81. Workshop page for custom game assets
  82. Unable to load into the game
  83. Game not starting after host loaded
  84. levels for Custom Games.
  85. [Overthrow] Game does not connect after everyone accepts the match and suggestions
  86. Backed up Dota2 with Reborn then Restored on another Laptop. Reborn still Redownloads
  87. Valve should add bots into Custom Games :)
  88. Nearly impossible to queue on popular public custom game lobbies with friends.
  89. Treasure from compendium 2015
  90. Automatically Rejoin Custom Game On Dota2 Startup
  91. Overthrow solo does not grant any exp
  92. Server shutting down !!
  93. Reconnecting
  94. Do you play custom games without lag?
  95. Stuck with "download queued" for every custom game
  96. All reborn custom games - Stuck on loading screen [details inside] / IAMA failed load
  97. Randomly selecting hosts - problem for everyone
  98. Need a proper lobby browser
  99. Increase party size to 10
  100. Switching between steam accounts deletes workshop subscription data
  101. Host changing during runtime
  102. [Crash] Crashing as host moments into Overthrow
  103. Moving a party to a lobby should prompt map download.
  104. Meepo Ultimate bug
  105. custom games [console]
  107. Flagging hosts
  108. Hosting games bypasses vpn?
  109. Host migration please
  110. Custom games say permantly are in update queued on the new linux client
  111. Can we expect high quality custom games? Can these makers be rewarded somehow?
  112. Game Crash using PA Arcana!
  113. Rating system needs slightly changed.
  114. :confused::mad:Custom Games not working because my client is not up to date with host
  115. Custom Game Request: Phantom Mode
  116. Valve's Servers on Custom Games is it gonna happen ?
  117. [suggestion] Valve, please, add -ovrride_vpk for Dota 2 Reborn
  118. Fix loading times and add loading progression bar
  119. [bug]fast lvlup and 9999gold
  120. [Suggestion] Custom Game Exclusive Items
  121. Custom Game Experience
  122. [bug] Language selection does nothing.
  123. custom games not instaling
  124. Double click should join lobby-Escape should dismiss full lobby message
  125. Low MMR = Different Skills
  126. Overthrow cheating/exploit
  127. [BUG] Skillshot wars Glimmer Cape bug
  128. Cant play overthrow
  130. Lobby bug
  131. [BUGS/SUGGESTIONS] Reborn's Custom Games Mode Feedback
  132. Overthrow suggestion (invisible heroes)
  133. Poor Search Custom Game
  134. Accept pop up window should show number of players in match
  135. [unusual terrain features] is it possible with Source2?
  136. [Suggestion] Bug report popup list / gamemode-specific bug report button in lobby
  137. Would it be possible to ship the uncompiled versions of the Dota assets as well?
  138. Unable to join a team in any D2R custom game mode
  139. [suggestion / request] Dota 2 dedicated server for custom games
  140. For the love of DOTA2, please submit bugs with specific mods to their workshop page!
  141. [Question] Valve-Provided Multi-Team Topbar Scoreboard
  142. Suggestions for Custom Games
  143. How do I get 2-bar ping with this?
  144. Feed couriers or why icefrog be dismissed from Valve
  145. Where are the custom game modes located in the steam folder?
  146. [suggestion] Add region selection in Custom Game screen
  148. Unable to leave game when host fails to load
  149. Opt out of hosting?
  150. Testing Mods?
  151. Abandon Game as Techies....
  153. Addon Starts but No Scripts Are Loaded
  154. Incorrect region showing in custom games list
  155. Suggestion regarding Normal Matchmaking and custom games
  156. one failed to connect player ends the game
  157. Warchasers bug
  158. Need help to solve a problem with camera moving
  159. Lags in mod Life In Arena, by reason of many creeps = 126
  160. matchmaking bug (i guess)
  161. [Suggestion] A "queue for any mod" button
  162. [Suggestion] We need region filters and option to not host games
  163. [Suggestion] Host Rating
  164. Description of a custom game has been removed
  165. Non-downloaded players can join games via invite
  166. Death Ward in astral imprisonment
  167. Please add host migration sooner rather than later
  168. Anime related custom games allowed?
  169. Delete this forum account
  170. Suggestion for NS's Darkness & its counter
  171. Suggestion on Monetizing Custom Games
  172. What if Invoker had 33 different spells to choose from...
  173. Change for Sand King ult Epicenter to be more consistent with other ults.
  174. BLOODLUST | Life - Action | [Dota 2 Short Film Contest]
  175. Need help please!
  176. [Suggestion] Next TI Music Pack
  177. In the Demo Hero option i changed to axe midst game while playing as naix.
  178. Custom Game Problem
  179. Unable to find hosted games.
  180. Why dota2 has too many computer ai in games???
  181. Host Problem - Port Forwarding ?
  182. Forcibly being chosen as host?
  183. Sand King Sand Storm Channel Breaks from gold bag drops
  184. Displaying player stats for everyone in a match to see!
  185. Heroes with old models
  186. Dedicated Hosting
  187. help 100%cpu usage
  188. Custom games bug with hero names
  189. Unable to connect to server issue.
  190. Unable to find a game in less than 30 minutes & miss of banlist
  191. Abusing kick option.
  192. [Don't host option] Custom Games are unplayable for me due to your hosting algorithm.
  193. Windows 10 - DotA 2
  194. [Suggestion] Custom game - suggested game panel - add alpha,beta,release statuses
  195. Music plays under game sounds
  196. How Far will RPG_Example go?
  197. South African Server Removed From Reborn
  198. Total count of successfully reported people?
  199. eu-west does not feel like its actually eu-west
  200. GREEN TD REBORN gold bug
  201. Hammer Editor Map Size???
  202. Dota 2 Reborn Background?
  203. When a player leaves the game
  204. Dota 2 reborn localization problem
  205. Reborn: Primary Matchmaking language changing
  206. Dota 2 Templar Assassin Effigy bug/suggesstion
  207. Picking heroes cost too much times in AllPick ranking match
  208. CANT DOWNLoad OVERTHROW !!! no internet problem at all !
  209. Autoexec issues.
  210. Improve the community with a reward system
  211. Valve, please help me with my Custom Game
  212. [suggestion] custom games should automatically download when queueing for them
  213. A overview of the faults of custom game hosting
  214. Report and ban system suggestion
  215. TBD in Ranked Games
  216. Hosts/Custom game popularity.
  217. [Suggestion] I want to leave LoL for Dota 2 Reborn but.......
  218. Problems with hosting custom gamemodes
  219. Queue penalty
  220. all dire up and all sentinel bot?
  221. [Bug] Different hero names in custom game remain in normal game
  222. [Bug] Workshop Tools won't start for me on Windows 10
  223. [Suggestion] Color correction
  224. Question display
  225. Custom games dont display score board when they are over(server closes)
  226. [suggestion] Add photo in Signature Items
  227. Modifing Attack Speed Caps
  228. Specify Sequence
  229. Will we always have the option to use the original Dota client?
  230. Why is there no hero with Passive to see Invis Heroes. (heroes only, not wards).
  231. [suggestion] Selling wards mechanic
  232. Ban list
  233. Make the TI be balance!Plz reduce the Chinese number.
  234. i need help with the dota 2 connection problem please !!
  235. Question about creating LAN lobby
  236. Sick of mmr matchmaking system with smurf and stack in solo
  237. Dota 2 Guild Wars(idea)
  238. Ranked Matchmaking is deeply flawed
  239. [suggestion] Ranked - Mode
  240. Pause abuse in custom games
  241. cant add money to but compendiumlv
  242. Horde mode impossible to get
  243. Reporting a script abuser
  244. Good job on that matchmaking, Valvetards
  245. Zues ARCANA (who the hell voted for zues??)
  246. Add a second install tab at custom games for the creator's test version
  248. afk hosts
  249. Zombies in overthrow
  250. Missing the third game