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  1. Question: Is there any way to modify the attach location of cosmetics?
  2. [Request] Pass in more information in "OnTakeDamage" and "entity_hurt"
  3. [Suggestion] CreateVisibilityNode() should take in a bool for flying or ground vision
  4. [Source 2 Beta Bug] ApplyDataDrivenModifier() parameter type error
  5. Suggestion- let us set max player limit and kick people out of custom lobbies
  6. [Source 2 Beta Bug] ApplyDataDrivenModifier() parameter type error
  7. [Source 2 Beta Bug] "AbilityLayout" "6" acts like "AbilityLayout" "5"
  8. [Source 2 Beta Bug] ApplyDataDrivenModifier() parameter type error
  9. [Source 2 Beta Bug] "AbilityLayout" "6" acts like "AbilityLayout" "5"
  10. [Source2 Beta] Lua : ReplaceHeroWith function
  11. A GUI for scripting in the future
  12. [BATTLESHIPS BUG] overriding hero UI
  13. [BUG] Survival CO-OP
  14. "ability_lua" "ScriptFile" does not seem to accept folders in the path name
  15. [Bug] Wisp doesn't turn when he casts DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_POINT abilities
  16. PlayerResource:ReplaceHeroWith() causes CTDs.
  17. NotifyWearablesOfModelChange works on tools, but not on main client
  18. server shutdown on multiple costum games on Dota 2 reborn
  19. Attributes for lua class modifiers? (like MODIFIER_ATTRIBUTE_MULTIPLE)
  20. [Bug] PlayerResource:SetCustomTeamAssignment() and custom teams
  22. Leveling a creature up does not increase HP
  23. ApplyDataDrvivenModifier does not work when used off unit's ability handle
  24. Change AbilitySpecial in LUA [Power Multiplier Owner]
  25. [Suggestion] - Some way of removing rpg elements from game
  26. [BUG] Chat bug
  27. "Can't purchase this item on this hero"
  28. Rebuilding with lua based abilities does not cause the registry to clear
  29. Download Queued (Cannot Download Custom Maps)
  31. Visual bug from custom game
  32. A Reason to Bring Votekick to Dota 2
  33. Max Mana capped at 8192
  34. Dota 2 Item Bug
  35. Can we get a way to override the behavior of attributes
  37. Moon Shard item bug in Overthrow!
  38. Please add /* */ style of comments for data files. (like in c++)
  39. Weird thing happend...
  40. SetOverrideSelectionEntity is, under CDOTABaseGameMode, should be player-based
  41. Unit selection and control screwed in Reborn
  42. [Suggestion] Able to start the game even if one player fails to load.
  43. [Suggestion]Give a GameRules API to disable default background music
  44. SetMaxHealth/SetBaseMaxHealth not working
  45. Suggestion API method "select unit"
  46. [Bug] DataDriven abilities in tools mode and multiplayer
  47. [Suggestion] Specifying items in Lua
  48. [Suggestion]Ability gold cost needs more digits
  49. Suggestion: Cast ability by Custom UI Button (From lua)
  50. [Suggestion] Expose information about attacks being currently in progress
  51. [Bug] Selling an item from Stash destroys the modifier of item in inventory
  52. [Suggestion]Expose more modifier accessors?
  53. [KV] CanRespawn
  54. [Bug]EmitSound() can be heard by enemy even without vision on source
  55. [Suggestion] Add OnAttackStart equivalent for Orbs
  56. "SpellImmunityType" does not seem to work for custom abilities.
  57. [Request] A cooldown reduction property that affects abilities and not items
  58. [Suggestion] Showing Host's ping for your internet before starting a custom game.
  59. [Request] "Disable/debuff immunity" or a modifier script filter
  60. [Request] Control over how much each point of strenght, ahility, inteligence affects
  61. DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_* constants aren't in script_help2
  63. Overthrow Game Cheat?
  64. SetCustomGameForceHero not working for custom teams
  65. [BUG] LUA based modifier listening to EVENT_ON_TAKEDAMAGE receives ALL damage events
  66. [BUG] LUA Modifier OnAttackLanded does not set original_damage
  67. [Suggestion] LUA : SetTeamCustomHealthbarColor
  68. [Suggestion] LUA/KV : invisibility
  69. [Request] AttachWearables for heroes
  70. [Suggestion]: Extended Item management APIs.
  71. Scripting LUA dota2 on MAC?
  72. Adding a minimap icon for items
  73. Automatic game end when players on Radiant or Dire abandon
  74. [BUG] Lua Modifier GetEffectAttachType was forgot in the api documentation
  75. [BUG] LUA Abilities' GetIntrinsicModifierName() does not work
  77. Overriding item_travel_boots_2 doesn't allow teleporting to heroes?
  78. [Request] Unit responses
  79. DataDriven Blink doesn't work on POINT target
  80. [Suggestion] A better "DEMO HERO"
  81. [Bug]C_BaseEntity::IsLatchedPermissible() disabling model for owning player??
  82. OnDamageTaken event needs more information
  83. [Bug] Lua : FindClearSpaceForUnit & SetHullRadius
  84. [Bug]GameRules:SendCustomMessage displays message on both sides disregarding paramete
  85. green td bug
  86. Net Table Save Boolean Returns Int
  87. [Bug] KV : MODIFIER_STATE_INVISIBLE no longer works
  88. CreateModifierThinker can't apply data driven thinkers
  89. The non-multiple modifier bug does not seem to be fixed like the patch notes say.
  90. Нашёл Баг в игре.куда писать,кому?
  91. [Suggestion] Make a filter for when modifiers are placed
  92. Can we have pre attack point event?
  93. [Request] Control over projectiles in the air.
  94. Abilities Tooltip values after using filters
  95. Precaching works in tools but not in workshop
  96. [BUG] SetOverrideSelectionEntity
  97. Damage filtered and discarded by lua filter is still registered as damage.
  98. The damage filter should pass in the damage type
  99. [Request] Simplify AbilitySpecial field.
  100. Change AbilityCastRange and others on Lua
  101. Ability tunning filter sends very limited information.
  102. AbilityTuningValueFilter is not displaying correct damage after changing bonus_damage
  103. Any kind of Damage Filter that is fired before reductions?
  104. Game Crash with Motion Controller Modifier
  105. [Suggestion] Lua : IsClearSpaceForUnit Boolean
  106. [BUG] Top Scoreboard hero images not pulling from gamemode
  107. [bug] Self applying lua class aura fails to work on level 2 and 4
  108. [Suggestion] Add an "independent" modifer type that does not refresh itself
  109. script_reload keeping old event wraps
  110. [Suggestion] Add Target Flag to Ignore Self
  111. [Suggestion] SetRenderColor() needs to desaturate the existing texture
  112. No function to get ability cooldown from keyvalues files.
  113. Issue with sounds functions. They all require sound name not path.
  114. Impossible to change lua class abilities animation.
  115. LUA Modifier variables in tooltips not working?
  116. PlayerResource:IsValidPlayer ignores players still selecting
  117. [Bug?] Gold nullified by a ModifyGold filter still displays original gold text
  118. Towers Not Attacking
  119. [Bug] SetOverrideSelectionEntity breaks selection of other units
  120. CreateVisbilityNode() should have an option to give unobstructed (flying) vision
  121. [Bug] Changing the team of a bot controlled hero crashes the game
  122. Lobby Data Access?
  123. Hero Selection Script Filter?
  124. I want to play costom music in mod but no scripts allow
  125. [Bug] DataDriven Items passive modifiers apply after item drop
  126. [Bug] Lua : There is no way to concatenate localised strings together
  128. survival co op bugs
  129. Adding a new hero within full hero's roster
  130. [Suggestion/Bug] Control over hero cosmetics/model combiner
  131. [Bug] mode:SetFogOfWarDisabled(true) does not affect trees destroyed
  132. [Suggestion] Allow setting keybinds to more than 6 abilites, and force keybinds
  133. [Bug] Consumable items unusable for heroes with 0 mana
  134. [Bug] Built-in cross product method on vectors does not work
  135. bug find lobby
  136. [Bug] PrecacheItemByNameAsync doesn't precache abilities.
  137. my towers Cant use ability ..... TD OR need Cauntdown when path reach the point
  138. survival coop sven bug
  139. OnOwnerSpawned don't work
  140. dota_player_status crashes game client
  141. [Bug] Lua DestroyParticle on an invis unit won't work in this specific context
  142. Problem with Item Stocking in Shop
  143. [Bug] Items with "ItemCastOnPickup" do not affect shop stock
  144. Changing Heroes Skills
  145. Hidden channeling ability not cast by CastAbilityOnTarget
  146. Abilities Animation
  147. [Suggestion] JavaScript as scripting language
  148. Overthrow - 25% reboot chance
  149. Pathfinding bug with much creeps
  150. [Suggestion] Add a convar for to know what mod is being played
  151. [Suggestion] Give us a way to reset unexplored fog
  152. [Suggestion] Add Damage Value under AbilitySpecial for Eul's Scepter
  153. Problem..
  154. Removing motion controller modifier crashes the game.
  155. Bug with scripting..
  156. [Bug] Some enums are not imported into ability_lua
  157. Suggestion: TraceLine alternative
  158. Suggestion: Custom game data storage
  159. [Bug] dota_modifier_dump swaps the duration and createtime outputs
  160. [Suggestion] SetAbilityTextureName for abilities
  161. [Bug] Lua-driven Modifiers ignore physical armor, IsHidden doesnt work
  162. Suggestion: Custom hero atribute calculation
  163. [Suggestion] Change camera pan constraints/displayed minimap region dynamically
  164. [Request] Function for removing bots
  165. [Bug] isbot not 1 in player_team event for bots
  166. Infest plus illusion rune.
  167. [Suggestion] A way to control corpse duration before disappearing
  168. [Bug] "MODIFIER_PROPERTY_ABILITY_LAYOUT" "6" doesn't override old value
  169. [Suggestion] Add Percentage Based Attack Speed Modifier
  170. [Suggestion] script_reload for lua-based abilities
  171. [Bug] Can only have 1 active minimap ping at a time.
  172. [Bug] Tree indexes from FindAllByClassname("ent_dota_tree") are off by -3
  173. Modifier does not become a motion controller.
  174. [Suggestion] Disable Item
  175. [Suggestion] Cast Ability
  176. Item ID 5003 and 5029 cause Tools carsh
  178. Disabling Hero Respawn causes Reincarnation to stop working
  179. Crash on double clicking the newly created hero.
  180. [Change to Intended Behavior] LoadKeyValues with duplicate keys
  181. [SUGGESTION] Please add more hero picking functionality
  182. Lua modifier property functions triggering twice?
  183. [Error]Do not download
  184. Can AddAbility and AddItem return the handle of created entity.
  185. [Request] Access to the Selection/Target effects
  186. [Bug] GridNav is broken for trees after world layer swap
  187. Heroes with levels of spells below their maximum level
  188. PlayerResource:ModifyGold()
  189. Pathing problems when unit is more than 1x1 size large
  190. Expose control for music/ambient dynamics
  191. [Request] dota_illusions_created event get the entity index of the illusion itself.
  192. [Bug] Reported Memory leak issue with heavy use of GridNav:GetAllTreesAroundPoint
  193. RPG_Example bugs : July 20
  194. HLDJ + Reborn
  195. [Suggestion] Functions related to vision of entities and visiblity
  196. [Suggestion] Add more illusion creation functionality
  197. GameRules:Playtesting_UpdateAddOnKeyValues() doesn't seem to work
  198. [SUGGESTION] A way of recycling keyvalues definitions
  199. [Suggestion/Bug] "DisplayAdditionalHeroes" feature
  200. [SUGGESTION] allow particles to be flagged as "always show"
  201. [Suggestion] RemoveAbility should remove associated passive modifiers
  202. 2 bugs that are consistent with any custom game mode
  204. Suggestion: Item:SetPurchasable
  205. [Suggestions] Improve behaviour of "SelectionGroup" unit casting
  206. Issue updating Panel Margins in javascript
  207. Bot co-op
  208. [Suggestion] Functions for interfacing with brushes/triggers
  209. Freshly spawned units have no origin
  210. [Bug]Ability range specified by KV does not change with ability level
  211. [Suggestion] Allow changing material for model
  212. [Bug]SetUseBaseGoldBountyOnHeroes does not work
  213. [BUG] SetPhysicalArmorBaseValue - Not updating to UI
  214. [Bug] MODIFIER_PROPERTY_FORCE_DRAW_MINIMAP not working as intended?
  215. [Suggestion] Flexible maximum inventory sizes
  216. for a bug i need w8 24 hors for to play
  217. Autoexec issues when using colour-blind mode!
  218. [Bug] GameRules:SetPreGameTime affects post-game time
  219. [BUG] passive aura modifiers do not update on leveling up an ability
  220. Phantom Lancer teleportation color
  221. [Bug] CreateHeroForPlayer unexpected behavior
  222. [Request] AttackAggro filter
  223. [Request] Lua event 'player_say' to capture player chat
  224. [POSSIBLE BUG] FindUnitsInRadius() not detecting Illusions?
  225. [BUG] same-modifier auras from different owners interaction
  226. [Request] Allow multiple mirror from the same map [addoninfo.txt]
  228. [Suggestion] LUA/KV : Unit shop whitelist variable
  229. [BUG] Lua: GameRules:SetUseBaseGoldBountyOnHeroes( true ) Does not seem to apply.
  230. BUG - Stuck on hero selection screen, can't 'join' game
  231. Costum Games: Freezing game then unable to locate game session
  232. [Bug] Modifier MODIFIER_PROPERTY_HEALTH_BONUS and MANA_BONUS not working for creature
  233. Help.
  234. [Suggestion] "dota_item_picked_up" Improvements
  235. [Bug] GetAttackSpeed() broken with Lua based Items
  236. Warning: have 858 in use and 2 free per-frame memory stacks outstanding.
  237. [BUG] Lua auras are broken as of a recent patch
  238. after all pick cant in the rank match help pls zzzz
  239. [Suggestion] Add keybinds for the 5th and 6th abilities on neutrals
  240. [Bug] Odd interaction between max health and movement changes
  241. [Bug] Secondary heroes created through CreateUnitByName can't sell items
  242. [Bug] Particles in the Holdout example gamemode are broken
  243. [Suggestion] PlayerChatFilter
  244. Wiki scripting API
  245. [Request] Changing Game Mode within the Custom Game Rule
  246. support command sixense_Left_click(SOURCE 2 does work)(SOURCE 1 work).
  247. [Suggestion]Introduce better way to deal with cosmetics for custom heroes
  248. Ability/Modifier improvements.
  249. Intentional feeding from users selling accounts
  250. Precacheing unit and spawning in the same thread causes CTD