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  1. How do you make changes take effect?
  2. No functions to load / save KV files using javascript!
  3. Can't modify scaleform using Panorama ;)
  4. xml, js, cssfiles not tracked by asset browser, and resourcecompiler.exe ignores them
  5. Massive functionality loss from Scaleform
  6. [Loading Screen] Weird Transparency Blending
  7. The only xml file in Layout that is compiling is the ui manifest
  8. [Panorama] First time running a game using will not show the loading screen
  9. we need files to compile multiteam_flyout_scoreboard.xml etc
  10. Compilation fail at commented resources
  11. 2 bugs with js and dynamic images
  12. Disabled default interface does not get enabled
  13. Menu addons (or external observers)
  14. Resolving panel children added dynamically
  15. Bug/Feature request for panorama ability API
  16. RegisterKeyBind
  17. $.Msg prints functions as undefined
  18. l got special bug with downloading a Custom Game, Tree Tag.
  19. Panorama not working?
  20. Documentation for AsyncWebRequest()
  21. [CTD] Press the registed global key will crash the game
  22. $(panel).style refers to inline style only
  23. API Call crashes for incorrect arguments
  24. The Bug Compilation
  25. [Bug/Suggestion? Not sure] GetAttribute/SetAttribute API Call
  26. [BUG] TextEntry maxchars
  27. [SUGGESTION] Custom elements
  28. Unable to get SteamID64s easily in Panorama
  29. [Bug?] height: fit-children; with transition to 0
  30. [Suggestion] DOTAItemImage and DOTAAbilityImage
  31. [Suggestion] Scaling Panel
  32. Disabled Minimap still works, it's just invisible
  33. [Bug?] Menu UI does not properly render transparency/alpha from images/GIFs
  34. [Bug] GameEvents.SendCustomGameEventToServer forwards string values as an empty table
  35. Suggestion/Oversight? Entity indexes in panorama
  36. overflow: clip clip; issue
  37. [Suggestion] Get mouse position / bind panel to mouse position
  38. [Bug] Panorama UI Compiler failed
  39. Custom net tables do not work in 'real' mods
  40. GameUI.SelectUnit expects Javascript ent index, GetSelectedEntities returns lua index
  41. [Suggestion] Ability Targeting phase
  42. [Suggestion] Allow rendering Panorama to textures
  43. API Interface for Panorama Network Access
  44. A bunch of bugs with text rendering
  45. Abilities.GetKeybind(...) is broken for dynamically added abilities
  46. Entities.GetAllCreatureEntities returns nothing, Entities.IsCreature always false
  47. Absolute positioning not absolute
  48. [Suggestion] Allow animated vtexs in panorama?
  49. [Bug] DOTAShowAbilityTooltipForEntityIndex event not working properly
  50. Blend mode having no apparent effect
  51. [Bug] Items preserve aspect ratio
  52. Crash after popup error message
  53. border image outset CRASH
  54. [Bug] GetHealthThinkRegen returns int, should return float
  55. [Bug] Scripts not loaded when loading in an included javascript file
  56. [Suggestion] Make JS able to write NetTable values
  57. [Bug] - <DOTAItemImage> Panel can't read custom item textures
  58. [Suggestion] Wrap CDota_BaseHero:GetAbilityPoints() for JS
  59. [Suggestion] Cursor functions
  60. [Suggestion] Hit mask property for panels?
  61. [Suggestion] User-implementation of setting up learnable mode
  62. [Bug] AbilityButton.enabled has no effect on passive abilities
  63. [Suggestion] Add option on DOTAItemImage and DOTAAbilityImage to cache data to RAM
  64. [Bug] Inconsistent output with $.Msg on functions
  65. [Suggestion] Functions to query quickcast/autocast/neutral/courier/legacy keybinds
  66. font-family CSS property broken?
  67. [Suggestion] Set camera yaw rotation in panorma
  68. [Bug] UI_Example and other ability tooltips show "Level ?" with no level data
  69. [Bug] Regarding Panorama's garbage collector and DOTA(Ability/Item)Image
  70. Suggestion AbilityGoldCost
  71. [Bug] $.Localize does not translate text from addon_english.txt
  72. [Suggestion] Entity:GetExperience() and Entity:GetExperiencueTolevelup()
  73. DOTAShow ... TooltipStyled don't work with CSS style
  74. Modifier related APIs and UIElements?
  75. [Bug] Game.StopSound not working
  76. [Bug] Minimap Left-click mouse action issues and ent_dota_lightinfo interaction
  77. [Suggestion] Panel.ForceCalculateChildren();
  78. [Bug] Panel.contentwidth and height don't calculate on fixed-height panels
  79. [Bug] Panorama does not reload strings from main addon_english.txt
  80. [Bug] Item icons for recipes show up as the items themselves; not the recipe
  81. Terrible drop FPS. ui_example.
  82. [Suggestion] GetScreenWidth/Height functions
  83. [Bug] Panorama oncontextmenu event is broken
  84. F6 debugger horizontal scrollbar
  85. Add ondeactivate
  86. [Suggestion] GetCursorAbility function
  87. I cant quit a lobby and cant play apear "a party meamber is playing another game"
  88. Share content with friends
  89. [Bug] Compiler refuses to accept changes in code
  90. Best css docs ever (irony)
  91. [Bug] Panorama doesn't recompile resources
  92. DOTACanvas
  93. Lobby list interface (suggestion)
  94. GetUnitExperience() / GetUnitMaxExperience()
  95. Camera functions
  96. DOTAItemImage Panel's Width is Incorrect
  97. After losing focus, panorama does not detect clicks properly
  98. Panel Event- Continue Processing & Consume
  99. [Bug] Item icons given a rightside border
  100. [Bug] Drag Ghost
  101. [Suggestion] GetSystemTime
  102. Different loadscreens
  103. FindUnitsInRadius for Panorama
  104. August 13th patch on, Panorama UI fails to load first time in editor
  105. [Suggestion] Entities.GetXPForCurrentLevel function
  106. Mute missing
  107. [Suggestion] Shop Event
  108. Multi-Monitor Functionality
  109. Panel.actualxoffset broken in recent patch
  110. WebM videos display correctly using Beta Tools, but not after uploading to Workshop
  111. HTML true, href bug?
  112. [BUG] CSS Transitions in JS
  113. Can't click over old top bar
  114. $.Localize and dialog variables
  115. UI problemas in main menu /image
  116. [Bug] FogUI dialogue box doesn't seem to appear properly
  117. No Hero filters and "View Heroes Played".
  118. Ingame UI - binding overrided by ability/utility keys.
  119. [suggestion] make background-position property available for animations
  120. Fix style.position PLEASE
  121. [SUGGESTION] backface-visibility: hidden;
  122. Whisper tab.
  123. text-align: center; has no effect?
  124. Can Valve please share the Panorama source of 10v10?
  125. Render 3D models in custom UI
  126. Adjusting line-height is ignored in element size calculations
  127. RegisterEventHandler event names
  128. Clan tags don't appear
  129. Items screen has problems + missing Compendium items
  130. Allow us to choose where to host the custom game if it has "Dedicated Servers"
  131. Custom games lobby list refresh button doesnt always refresh
  132. DotA2 Chats and Language
  133. Custom tool tips no longer render
  134. [Bug] ToggleButton checked="true" doesn't use pseudo-selecter: selected style
  135. [Bug] ToggleButton: unable to set property text="Normal"
  136. [Suggestion] Be able to get a unit's player owner ID through Javascript API
  137. Add a way to get the element an event was fired for
  139. Cannot disable default inventory UI
  140. Image files aren't compiling properly
  141. Abilities.GetCooldown ignores cooldown reduction
  142. Render particles on the UI
  143. Error and crash when attempting to open latest compendium.
  144. Prevent players from using chat
  145. My some item items X.X
  146. Disable hero portraits appearing in left side of the screen
  147. transition: clip is broken
  148. make custome game load ignore failed player.
  149. Matchmaking settings
  150. [Request] slider and DOTASettingsSlider documentation or example
  151. Recent Game bug?
  152. [Suggestion] Customized health bar options
  153. Strange % width calculation
  154. Games crashes when in a party.
  155. Game crashes after sometime when I press "ENTER"
  156. MVP Vote Bug
  157. About problems with using items when i change the language of keyboard to Russian
  158. MMR need to have my back
  159. Minor UI bug
  160. [Bug] I can't seem to get new images to compile in Panorama
  161. [Bug]schinese localization is not working on Panorama
  162. Get Local Camera Data
  163. Ring of Aquila Bugs ! 0 amor
  164. new bug hello compendium
  165. Compendium quest counter bugged
  166. 1280x1024
  167. 21:9 UI Problem
  168. [Bug/Help] DropDown panel not displaying properly
  169. Lost my set from inventory
  170. CustomUIContainer have a unwanted margin-left
  171. Immortal II opening Bug
  172. Berserker's Blood huskar icon accumulation does not seem
  173. compendio challenge warrior, ax, dagger is Berserker's Call not executed Amounts acco
  174. The way to inject Panorama UI in default Game UI.
  175. [sugestion] Accessing to replay with ability to click pages?
  176. disable the green circle around towers
  177. stuck in overthrow lobby
  178. [BUG?] Creepstats not showing on the upper right side.
  179. [Video] Exiting games too quickly - unable to find match
  180. [Pictures] UI Glitches
  181. Please add Toggle-to-Chat key
  182. These bugs in resolution 1280x720 16:9
  183. [Bug/Help] Minimap position (dota_hud_radar_x/y)
  184. "Ghost" player in Overthrow (Possibly all custom games)
  185. Suggestions on Dota 2 Client and In-game UI
  186. Inaccessible spot in the picking screen.
  187. Hitting "Demo HUD skin" in Global Loadout will crash the game
  188. Fix please $.RegisterKeyBind()!!!
  189. In game browser shifts page to the right
  190. Valve can you please take your time and read this?
  191. 22-01-2017 patch Talent Tree crash
  192. 1280x1024 UI. Can't see hero level
  193. Thank you!
  194. [Bug] Untranslated item crash.
  195. HUD is broken
  196. Heal Algorithm for scoreboard is shit!
  197. [Performance] hud update rate
  198. HeroSelection should work
  199. Debugger hotkey
  200. Issues with 7.07 update
  201. Exploring DOTAKeybindCommand_t
  202. Matching game
  203. 2017 international page in client bug
  204. Error parsing layout and style files [Battlepass 2018 issue]
  205. If player name is URL (like "http://example.com/"), you cannot access the profile.
  206. HUD unexpected alt-click behaviour (errant pings, accidental skilling, etc.)
  207. New patch broke all custom games again
  208. Patch broke the ability to launch custom games with dota_launch_custom_game
  209. dota 2 panorama backdoor cheat