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  1. [Suggestion] Show custom map that's updating
  2. Custom games crash to desktop on pressing start game
  3. [Request] Better handling of modifier properties requiring a specific variable type
  4. PET CTDs; selecting expensive parent particle as child particle/instability crash
  5. [Bug] Wearable models are "frozen" on first load in Source 2
  6. CTD; loading child of expensive .vpcf in PET while expensive .vpcf is in use in-game
  7. [Suggestion] Camera angle customization
  8. [CTD] Particle-related issue
  9. [Source 2 Beta Bug] "AbilityLayout" "6" acts like "AbilityLayout" "5"
  10. [CTD] On applying a non-power-of-two texture in material editor.
  11. [Bug] Material editor not updating preview
  12. Broken File Paths?
  13. Bone Merge errors when clicking on a hero
  14. [Source 2 Bug]Loadout Ability UI messed up, Custom Model Animations Not Playing
  15. Source1 couriers were converted without their bind poses, resulting in bad skinning
  16. Allow default bots for custom game modes.
  17. [Source2 Beta] Lua : SetShopMinimapIconScale
  18. [Source2 Beta] Square and rectangular custom map images
  19. [CTD] On changing property of texture in material editor
  20. [Suggestion]Add Progress Bar to Workshop Manager Submission Feature
  21. [Source 2 Beta] Precache on Tools = OK, Precache on the Client = Crash
  22. [Bug/requests/suggestions/issues] PET
  23. [Crash] Dota 2 Workshop Tools
  24. [Workshop Manager] Crashing on upload
  25. Valve, please add Trigger and Unit Editor just like World Editor in Warcraft 3.
  26. Can't start Reborn Workshop Tools (No Errors)
  27. Worktool Custom map problem units
  28. How to use/convert 2048x4096 dds texture to use it on model?
  29. npc_dota_building has two 'OnKilled' fire events
  30. Tools crash instantly on boot if Xsplit is running.
  31. Disarm particles do not appear to have been converted correctly
  32. [Crash] Repeatable crash found.
  33. [BUG] Editing custom game through Source 1 Dota 2 changed custom game to manual.
  34. Draw hero Icons in minimap it does not work
  35. Hard to find resource files and weak documentation.
  36. Hammer functions/entity clean up
  37. Can we please, please have load on demand for assets as an alternative to precache
  38. VOLVO please ADD
  39. Need help
  40. [Workshop Manager] Suggestion - Add an option to ignore files.
  41. Cannot open any models through Asset Browser
  43. [Suggestion] Being able to easily share a custom game mode with friends or party.
  44. [Bug] Message/Text-based particles show multiple sequences overlapping
  45. "dotacfg.exe has stopped working"
  46. UpdateAutomaticSurrender spam in console
  47. [Crash] Error message whenever I launch Dota 2 Reborn Workshop Tools
  48. [Crash] Dota2 crashing after selecting an addon
  49. Please add construct/build function
  50. Suggestion - larger map size and tile grids
  51. can we have a toggle -ping on/off
  52. [Crash] Tools - cvar : dota_launch_custom_game
  53. Custom Game Issue (Pathfinding with Tangos and Quelling Blade)
  54. Maphack in Reborn
  55. Dota 2 listening to key presses when using hammer
  56. [Renderer] Missing Features : Invisible Animated Keyframes still rendering
  57. [Bug] Minimap camera view bounds extends past minimap in Showcase view
  58. [BUG] Missing Content's Source : materials/vgui/...
  59. Gigantic waste of bandwidth through .bin files on the .vpk
  60. Severe bug with world layers/trees/navgrid interaction
  61. (BUG) Model editor not really updating seen materials when replacing broken ones.
  62. [Crash] June 30th Update - VConsole
  63. June 30th Update - Forgot to remove a debug message
  64. BlendShape normal data mismatch on FbxMesh
  65. Persistent issue with certain model materials not loading fully/properly
  66. help my model editor keep crashing
  67. World layers bugs
  68. After the June 30th update, I simply can't launch the tools anymore
  69. [Bug] dota_custom_game_events Force Select Hero
  70. Multiple mouse clicks required to fire a point target ability inside Tools
  71. [Bug] Strange prefab behaviour on delete/undo
  72. [Hammer Bug] Deleting objects from a tile will delete the underlying tile instead
  73. [Bug?] Clipped tile sets don't render clips, but clip texture can still be 'lifted'
  74. Imported Mesh is a Red Wireframe only. Cant apply any materials.
  75. Arch Block Editor
  76. Arch Block Type
  77. [Bug]Possible Cause of Memory Leak Issue : 'Due to entity slot re-use'
  78. Bot Support for Custom Games
  79. [Bug] Steam counts your Browser as a Dota Instance in WST map upload
  80. Any plan support Win32 system?
  81. [CTD] On "create model from selection" of selection with same name as original model
  82. func_tracktrain doesn't change its speed
  83. Cannot launch tools from dialog
  84. [VConsole] Scroll speed should use the speed set in Windows OS
  85. [PET CTD] On setting 'remap model sequence to scalar' current anim time output field
  86. [CTD] Possible Hammer memory leak issue
  87. [Suggestion] Let us match showcase view fog with the fog values used by the map.
  88. [Hammer Bug] Certain entities missing editor reference texture
  89. Please bring back the "+use" command
  90. how to set a default map to my custom game?
  91. Using Water tiles outside world bounds causes multiple second hang on map load
  92. Dota 2 Reborn Tools cannot connect to Localhost: 29000
  93. [Suggestion] Map navigation grid-related (dynamics, height, etc.)
  94. cannot run Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha [OS X]
  95. Displacement tool is NOT WORKING
  96. dota_item_spawner custom items not working
  97. [bug?]Stereo Morphs doesn't work at all
  98. [Suggestion] Selection set suggestions
  99. [Suggestion] Subtool designed to simulate users
  100. Model Editor: Import Sequences from Source 1
  101. Workshop Tools like to hog focus
  102. Dota2 Workshop Problem
  103. [Bugs] Custom keybinds
  104. [Bug]Crash upon start (Dumps included)
  105. [Suggestion] Dynamic keybinds
  106. Large amounts of world layers eat up memory, increases map's file size by quite a lot
  107. [Suggestion] Expanding the functionality of point_template and env_entity_maker
  108. [Suggestion] Give us ent_dota_tree parity for point_simple_obstruction
  109. [CTD] On toggling additive blending in .vmat while .vmat is being used in Hammer
  110. Custom game can't be uploaded
  111. dota 2 build bug everyone have it plz fix it after 2 much time!!!
  112. Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha Failure to launch
  113. [Crash] Crash Custom game after using Undying tomb
  114. [CTD] On opening .mdl (not .vmdl) file in model editor
  115. [IMBA] Divine Rapier XX Bug
  116. [Request] Release Shader Compiler
  117. DotA Build Creator not loading
  118. Tool panel issues
  119. Improve Hammer's grid navigation preview
  120. [Suggestion] 1x1 Point Simple Obstruction
  121. Compilation of hammer/map-related requests
  122. Overthrow [Crash] when undying zombies die near the runes
  123. [Bug] Minimap camera view bounds shows past map border in showcase view
  124. [BUG] Units spawn animation played constantly when revealed.
  125. [BUG] Workshop tools crash upon launching custom game
  126. LDT breakpoints
  127. [Request] Particle Editor scroll bar
  128. [Bug] Legacy hotkeys on neutrals do not seem to apply
  129. [BUG] DOta 2 workshop icons
  130. [Suggestion] Add better support for 4K monitors
  131. Rune for Bristleback
  132. [Sugg.] Allow us to toggle or keep settings constant across windows/maps in Hammer
  133. Shader editor?
  134. Server no longer accepting cheats
  135. architecture_example uses the wrong material
  136. [Bug] Changing tile grid height stretches/offsets map
  137. [Bug] CTD when loading a map with no tiles
  138. Custom materials look bad near cliffs
  139. Can't compile physics
  140. Get live player stats?
  141. Is there an easy way to do deep water?
  142. help to protect our work
  143. [Crash]Crash on Start-up , error message with
  144. [Suggestion] Additional viewport rendering types similar to "lighting only"
  145. [Suggestion] Bring back the alpha radiant creep models
  146. Would creating a new kind of tile in a tile set actually enable it to be used?
  147. SUGGESTION: Way to reactive the modding community
  148. .Net client library for Dota 2 Web API
  149. [Bug] Cordoning is broken
  150. [Bug] path_corner
  151. Map failed to build
  152. [BUG] Morph/Flex importing is broken.
  153. [BUG] Projectile Editor crashes when trying to open a child that doesn't exist.
  154. Item submission tool is dead
  155. Workshop Tools Build Map in Hammer Fails: Exit code -1073741819
  156. Viewport display bug?
  157. [Material Editor to Model Viewer Bug] Hero Shader Normal Map not displaying correctly
  158. Paint Only On Flat doesn't actually paint only on flat
  159. World gridnav doesnt compile
  160. Hammer freezes
  161. afk hosts
  162. ADD A SKYBOX to Dota 2 Reborn sfm !!
  163. Material Source Files
  164. Small nitpick: could we have an audio option that only turns off main menu music?
  165. Opening the compendium in tools mode add files to my addon
  166. [Bug/CTD] Tile in corner of map bugs out, tile stuff in general really buggy
  167. [Suggestion] Give us displacement sewing back!
  168. [CTD] Crashing when launching tools.
  169. Hammer 3d View FREEZ + Game view FREEZE on MAP SAVING
  170. [BUG] Mod page says to sign lateist Steam Workshop Agreement but i have.
  171. Tile Grid generation suggestion
  172. please add lua function to return host playerid
  173. can't display string of Chinese in lua function say()
  174. [BUG] Collection in arsenal
  175. Bug: Dedicated servers always return 0 with GetInt("sv_cheats")
  176. Dedicated servers. Good and bad.
  177. Dedicated server for AP/CM etc.
  178. Model editor problems ?
  179. [CTD] Crashing when looking at custom particle in asset browser
  180. Crashing to desktop when leaving custom game when using workshop tools
  181. [bug] Picking up a Gem with a Courier will crash the server
  182. [Bug + Hammer Suggestion] Alternative name fixup method/flag for point_template
  183. [CTD] On Copying System Definition (Copy) for a batch of ~12 particles.
  184. [PET Bug?] Screenspace effects and particle option no longer show in PET
  185. Tools crash at startup since the last patch
  186. Issue related to clip tool texture (mostly cameraclip).
  187. I cannot equip an item dropped after a game
  188. the ethereal gem
  189. Bug with "Blind Hooks Gem"
  190. [Steam Market Suggestion] Allow renting of items
  191. What are the requirements to win the immortal Item Axe (Mantle of the Cinder Baron)?
  192. [Suggestion] Option show hours played in player profile.
  193. [CTD] Crashing when running dota_launch_custom_game while still in a game
  194. Hammer not exporting model with weight data
  195. [Suggestion] Asset context-specific filters in Asset Browser
  196. Questions on texture painting and displacement tool
  197. [CTD] Crashing on the Resource System
  198. [CTD] On changing dota_light_info into another entity in Hammer
  199. [Bug] Tools seem to be using strange number conversion for input values
  200. Failed to submit new workshop item(9)
  201. Hammer Export feature: missing materials and incorrect texture blending
  202. [Suggestion] Sorting asset browser assets according to date modified
  203. [CTD] On selecting too many assets in asset browser
  204. [CTD] Vfx Error "Expecting compressed combo data"
  205. Questions about third party tool on Dota2
  206. [PET Typo] Position modify warp random attribute typo
  207. multiple skinned meshes in .fbx -> .mdl: nope
  208. wraith-night ossuary
  209. Serious problems with workshop
  210. Workshop upload completes, but does not change any files
  211. why is this fucking happeing to me?/
  212. [Suggestion] Make dismissible "those who accepted to match" window.
  213. upgrading courier is not possible . please help me
  214. getting hero picks for tool - what would be the best way to do it and can anyone help
  215. [Sugg.] Setting up the primary courier
  216. [Suggestion] Allowing custom game start on players failing to connect || and more.
  217. do fucking even care dota developers??????
  218. [Bug?] Weird interaction with raise/lower terrain height & with transform gizmo
  219. [Suggestion] Allow multiple maps using 1 map vpk
  220. Tamamladığım görev ve oynamış olduğum maç son oyunlarda yok!!
  221. Asset Manager Crashes
  222. [Bug]Direct precache of XXX upon combining item
  223. [Suggestion] Add skill filter to API request
  224. Add feature that Friends will play against each other
  225. Source textures for heroes?
  226. Mouse sensitivity options
  227. Info in DOTA isn't refreshing without restarting the client
  228. [CTD] On inputting dota_daynightcycle_toggle in console while in main menu
  229. Just a good command
  230. Spectres masks are lagging
  231. [BUG] Linux Panorama Crash
  232. ...
  233. inscribed gem in techies arcana don't work
  234. SetAnimation does not work on ent_dota_shop-entities
  237. Effigy Bug - Winter Battle Pass
  238. [CTD] On loading map with sky_camera and ent_dota_lightinfo with SkyboxSlot assigned
  239. Bug on Mac OS
  240. Custom chat wheel not working after spring cleaning ?
  241. DUST BUG only on MAC OSX
  242. vconsole2.exe netgraph not available anymore since recent update?!
  243. Even after the SpringClean Update went live, we still have this issue again ?
  244. Дали не тот предмет с рулетки
  245. У Джагернаута ноги замороженны
  246. Lvl de cuenta de dota2 no sube
  247. under low resolution, cursor become too big
  248. Trouble this password recovery
  249. New Update Sucks
  250. Vengeful Spirit BUG