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  1. Sound Advice Needed
  2. [Bug] SFM does not save
  3. SFM2 1080p poster render bug
  4. [Bug] SFM doesn't like tiles?
  5. New Dota 2 SFM Frequently Asked Questions on the SFM Wiki
  6. Render bug with poster export function
  7. Auto Rig List?
  8. How to Change The Map Skybox?
  9. Particles bugged?
  10. Feedback on The Selection Viewport Changes and IK Rigs
  11. SFM freezing when dragging.
  12. Creating a new light doesn't show
  13. Add arcana stuff
  14. Ambient Occlsuion Status?
  15. Bug with Medusa's Model Head Snakes
  16. [Bug] Global Light Shadows get blurred
  17. [Bug] Particles using models don't show
  18. [Bug] Instancing particles doesn't work
  19. [Bug] Set Color Tint makes some models invisible
  20. [Bug] Light without shadows doesn't work correctly on CustomHero models
  21. Lina Dragon Slave Particles
  22. Recording and Replays
  23. [Bug] SFM Doesn't Load Correctly on Bootcamp Windows 8.1
  24. [BUG] Ambient Occulsion or "SSAO" is NON-funtion/not working!
  25. (BUG) IK rigging pole joints are showing up as a stretched parent bone...
  26. (Suggestion) save view-port resolution settings, fill option, and separate view-ports
  27. (Suggestion) IK wizard
  28. (Suggestion) Scale manipulator please!
  29. [Bug] Mute button
  30. [Bug] Rendering with many lights
  31. Dota 2 cinematic SFM movie - 'maximum encounter'
  32. How do you add a skybox to the reborn sfm ?
  33. [Bug] Lagging when using Screen Tool and Shift+Click to snap to ground
  34. Suggestion / feature request: control over the global light in camera animationset
  35. [BUG] HUGE inconsistency w/ light radius depending on whether DOF/MB has most samples
  36. [Suggestion] Viewport-Independent Render Resolution
  37. [BUG] Animated Texture Frame Rate is Broken
  38. [Bug] Stiff Procedurals when Motion blur is on
  39. Models are invisible, can see only cosmetics!
  40. Unable to create a new animation set for model/character
  41. [Bug / CTD] Locking joints to main model & zeroing procedural ineffective / SFM crash
  42. importing incomplete heroes
  43. Problem Rendering ALPHA After August 4th SFM update.
  44. Still waiting on dat SSAO :rolleyes:
  45. [Bug] Sound will continue to play after scrubbing the timeline
  46. importing Sound SFM Reborn
  47. Best way to recreate a sky in SFM 2/reborn?
  48. Problem with sounds (SFM Beta) Dota
  49. [BUG] Sideways mouse wheel clicks (available on some mice) break the work camera
  50. Importing Dota 2 replay into sfm
  51. The new SSAO has some pretty nasty artefacts
  52. [Annoyance] Particles cannot be instanced.
  53. Pressing Tab when manually editing sliders will change the editor.
  54. [BUG] Ambient Occlusion under the Progressive Refinement settings causes black ripple
  55. OpenGL graphics glitch
  56. Valve, pls add support for gameplay record from replays
  57. When will we be able to render depth map?
  58. Can't add characters, list is empty
  59. Materials issue with base hero models
  60. Why are the controls different in SFM2?
  61. Lights no longer cast all shadows, SSAO makes some shadows pixelated
  62. "Set Fade Times" defaults active input to Fade Out, instead of Fade In.
  63. Clip Names can only be set through the element viewer.
  64. [CTD] On opening recent SFM project.
  65. SFM 2 Workshop?
  66. [SFM Reborn] Extract Phonemes
  67. A fix for the model rotation export
  68. How to fix “Rendering Settings Too Low”
  69. How to apply procedural bones?
  70. SFM2's rendering abides by your fps_max setting, but it probably shouldn't
  71. SFM - Main Bones sorted into "Procedural" Control Groups BUG
  72. Tools crash while using particle editor
  73. Unable to export MP4 Movie
  74. Big Existing Project in SFM, 6.86 Update
  75. Deletethis
  76. Do updates crash tools while you're working?
  77. Crash happens from particle system during clip viewer and rendering
  78. How to do shape keys?
  79. textures on models stretch when you don't scrub the playhead
  80. Lina procedural bones still exhibit collision issues.
  81. [SFM2] Rendered avi problem
  82. [SFM2] dota_sfm.bsp
  83. Negative light intensity values do not create a negative light effect.
  84. Problems with different values of DoF and MB
  85. Final render does not match the preview
  86. Cloth/Physics simulation in S2FM ?
  87. SFM 2.0 - Rendering crashes with many light sources
  88. [Suggestion] Steam controller support for SFM2
  89. [Suggestion] light linking in SFM2
  90. Could we have the source vmap file for the dota_sfm map?
  91. Winter terrain can't be loaded
  92. It would be great if texture plain could be affected by the fog!
  93. [suggestion] Techies Squee, Spleen and maybe Spoon should be separate models.
  94. Broken Particles Topic
  95. Green Trees on Winter Terrain
  96. After Update SFM is not working
  97. [WARNING] Stupid question ahead! Where is the Dota 2 SFM ?
  98. Replay Record is just impossible to use
  99. Lights bug - Volumetric lights cause artifacts in water.
  100. [Suggestion] An overlay ruler for workcamera viewport?
  101. [Bug] No Light and Weird Viewport on clip edit mode
  102. SFM2 bsp maps ?
  103. Can we get reflections on water some time?
  104. So do we not get any bug fixes?
  105. Techies armor/cart are not affected by lighting.
  106. [bug] Multiple non-nested instances of the same particle system - unfindable children
  107. [bug] scaling 2 keyframes over a preexisting one causes full crash
  108. [bug] copy pasting shots does not work for the graph editor
  109. [BUG] it a bug? (Timbersaw Ulti)
  110. [SFM] How to enter game world?
  111. [help] Particle system for assassinate
  112. particle impact bug when recording (w/video)
  113. Major Particle Editor Crash !
  114. |SFM1| - shiny light reflection
  115. Exhausted Memory alocator Error crash
  116. dota_sfm.vmap missing and weird
  117. dota_sfm map always missing the correct river paths?
  118. [small bug] treants share some weird bones or something with Nature's Prophet
  119. Anyone have a Techies model? Or can Techies be added to the workshop references?
  120. [NewbieHelp] Command Line
  121. WHAT'S THE POINT OF THIS VERSION OF SFM? I just don't get why it exists at this point
  122. Material overrides in s2fm? Want to make a model transparent
  123. [BUG] Volumetric light with texture causes crash
  124. how to erase model line?
  125. Faceless Void is broken after last updates
  126. Io's Particle bug
  127. How to import sound?
  129. How to cloaking effact -> model?
  130. Crash on opening a recent project
  131. Small crash (might be expected)
  132. how to take shot, Hero Eye Wink motion?
  133. How do I make a block hollow in SFM2 Hammer?
  134. Slark's Immortal Particle Bug
  135. SFM DOTA2 Map Load Failed
  136. Animated texture?
  137. SFM Crashes after last update with Vulkan
  138. Is this new? Also is there a way to see workshop patch notes?
  139. SFM2's limitations, and proposed solutions
  140. [Bug] Can't make local lobby, and Solution
  141. [BUG] Export BGM
  142. Getting Error Message popup when launching SFM
  143. [BUG] Trees dissapears after 7.00 Update
  144. 7.00 Update notes? + bugs
  145. [ BUG ] Unsupported Graphics Card
  146. 7.00 - Dissapearing trees
  147. 7.00 in S2FM
  148. Please fix "Unsupported Grapihcs card" Error.
  149. Issues loading 6.85 and 6.88 map
  150. CloakFactor seems not working after 7.00
  151. S2FM's SSAO is woefully inadequate for -- ANIMATION!
  152. Gameplay recording doesn't work anymore
  153. pfm, exr, tiff and other 32bpc exports
  154. SFM getting an error while launching since last update.
  155. sven bone broken
  156. Dark Moon update causes a crash for s2fm
  157. Terrains Maps not working
  158. Feature request: material overrides (would be a de-facto workaround for other stuff!)
  159. Fog and Hammer lighting in Dota 2 SFM
  160. Workaround for garbage eye controls on most hero models
  161. Flexes break model's normals (.fbx import)
  162. turn off single map props model visibility
  163. Rotating bones while in graph editor mode will induce positional drifting (!!)
  164. Importing FBX/DMX from 3DS MAX messes with the scale of the bones
  165. Improvement suggestion for displaying lights in the animation set editor
  166. Ambient occlusion is not properly smoothed out at 4K resolution
  167. Question about Particles
  168. map time scaling and particle render issue
  169. S2FM Face rig not work after import from sfm
  170. Gameplay -> Record -> 'Can't Rendering'
  171. how to use hammer editor for create map for sfm?
  172. Getting the L/R sliders on facial flexes working (SetStereoControl bug)
  173. Sounds that are longer than 20 seconds don't play back properly past 20 seconds
  174. Import Sequence viewport is bugged until you resize it
  175. SFM slows down to a crawl... with certain viewport layouts?
  176. SFM just crashes upon loading a model.
  177. mapLightScale got broken since the introduction of new ent_dota_lightinfo parameters
  178. Request for a new (hidden?) ultra-high shadow setting on cl_globallight_shadow_mode
  179. Can we use dota 2 soundtracks in our projects?
  180. Workaround for grass
  181. Overcoming the props that hide themselves
  182. Volumetric shadows have a tendency to "fall short" at the corners of the frame
  183. Phoneme sliders are broken
  184. Flickering Cloth Animations
  185. Apps what we are using for videos. must be licensed and officialy purshuate?
  186. Recent SFM updates
  187. Feature request: position-only / orientation-only constraint
  188. Bug report: map going black in certain spots if mapLightScale < 1 & focal = long
  189. Better fog interaction with skyboxes?
  190. Tip: per-bone scaling is still available by adding a "scale" float to a bone
  191. QoL suggestion: creating a hero animation set should automatically group the dags
  192. Procedural bones - How can we use them?
  193. Rich presence status for tools