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  1. Bot Scripting Wiki
  2. API Requests
  3. Lua Scripting Introduction?
  4. Ways to test and debug code.
  5. Headless mode/Quick Play mode
  6. Maybe a dumb question
  7. How do I load and test my new bot?
  8. Bots VS Bots (No player)
  9. A place to discuss bot scripting: /r/dota2AI/
  10. Mode Override : what is the mode switch decision rule?
  11. Simple "getting started" guide?
  12. Overriding a single bot's generic behaviour
  13. Example scripts crash
  14. Override abiility upgrade/perk upgrade decision.
  15. requests per frame/second limitation
  16. Cant open pak01_dir via GCF
  17. C Bindings
  18. Bot-Only Local Lobby Stuck In Loadscreen
  19. dota_bot_debug_grid doesn't correctly show the grid on higher resolutions
  20. Searching for fellow programmers
  21. Some AI don't pick hero if human player is not in the first slot
  22. Reloading scripts.
  23. Make Available npc_abilities.txt and npc_units.txt
  24. What's the best way to get which players belong to which teams?
  25. Workshop Bot scripts
  26. Bug > Levelling skills
  27. Unlimitied ability level?
  28. Attention all scriptiers/modders: Join the Discord Chatroom
  29. Full Dota2 LUA API
  30. 1v1 solo mid with bots doesn't work anymore?
  31. Bot Only All Pick (bugs & fixes)
  32. Can we call the original think function/only override desire
  33. [suggestion/question] how will launching custom bots work?
  34. here's an extendable hero_selection
  35. Bot AI stuck in warding and item pickup bug and AI wiki error, thanks, and requests.
  36. A Bot bug about courier just found in the latest patch 1825
  37. Looking For Help With Item Selling
  38. How to get an instance of a rune to tell the bot to pick up?
  39. please ban cheater (auto spell steal rubick)
  40. some useful location constants
  41. Item Purchasing [BUGS & FIXES]
  42. How to change the abillity learning order
  43. I have made a playable Lina bot,i think
  44. Making the bots level right
  45. Action_MoveToLocation doesn't seem to work correctly.
  46. Is there a way around having hero_selection run twice?
  47. How could set a timer for UnstableConcotion?
  48. API functions signature
  49. How to check if being attacked?
  50. How to use courier and summoned unit?
  51. Local Dev Script in Console Command
  52. Is there anyway to obtain attack damage of a certain hero/creep?
  53. Utility Functions
  54. Determine if ability path is clear to target
  55. Action_PickUpRune didn't work because can't select rune as target
  56. about Action_UseAbilityOnTree
  57. December 20 Bot API update
  58. How do you use an item?
  59. Ward locations and placing wards
  60. Can we use addon's API in bot scripting?
  61. Better Way to Last Hit a Creep?
  62. December 21 Bot API Update
  63. Secret (Side) Mode and Item Purchase
  64. What version of Lua is on the servers?
  65. December 22 Bot API Update
  66. What is the policy going to be on backwards compatibility?
  67. Client crashing with custom bot script
  68. Best practice for sharing state between modes/scopes and between bots?
  69. Confirming No Table Garbage Is Gathering
  70. Line drawn by DebugDrawLine moves with the camera
  71. Imperfect last hits
  72. Problem with setting package root folder
  73. Anyone managed to get bots using tp scroll?
  74. Access the game context from the bot context
  75. A few questions about what bots can do
  76. Estimate Time Between Two Vectors and a Projectile Speed
  77. Communication between lua and outside - Proof of concept
  78. Issue creating local lobby with custom bots on Mac
  79. change particular parts of Think() instead of whole of function
  80. Arc Warden Tempest Double AI Buyback Bug
  81. i want create bots too
  82. Hero Visuals broken with bot script?
  83. Did anyone manage to get dota_bot_select_debug working?
  84. Can someone explain this to a newbie?
  85. Meepo Bot + Puck Bot + Jungling/Stacking
  86. Can we store global variable recording status during the whole game?
  87. Action_DropItem not working?
  88. How to check if bot is attacked by creeps?( with some of my failed code)
  89. Regarding GetSelectedHeroName
  90. Tree Radius and Hero radius?
  91. Differences between GetBot() and GetPlayer() + Verified API references
  92. Typo in example scripts (BOT_MODE_DEFEND_TOWER_BOTTOM)
  93. Software license for bot code?
  94. Swapping Items in slots?
  95. Draft bot
  96. Call Item Build
  97. Regarding GetFacing function
  98. GetUnitToUnitDistance
  99. Interesting note about clones/illusions and warning about the _G space
  100. VM being created?
  101. Fix for Debug Draw commands and Grid showing incorrectly
  102. PubSimulator 1.0
  103. How to set a bot's mode without rewriting behavior during that mode?
  104. Newb here, Help with scripting.
  105. [bug?] Dev on osx - can't require relative path
  106. GetSpecialInValue() does not work for npc_heroes
  107. [CRASH] dota_bot_reload_scripts
  108. Current Scripts?
  109. Complete Mode Over-Load vs. Hero Think Over-Load
  110. Leveling Talents - Issues
  111. Uploading Scripts to the Workshop
  112. [BUG] DotaTime()
  113. [BASIC] Full Bot OverWrite
  114. IsCooldownReady on enemy heroes
  115. Bots can crash the game when using certain actions with nil as target
  116. Anyone else having issues with mode_side_shop files?
  117. Weird GetDesire() query feq?
  118. Best way to tell bot to not use abilities while another is active?
  119. LUA Help Please
  120. Get power treads stat?
  121. human understanding vs bot's understanding of the game
  122. Using require() to get a file with an error outside of functions can crash the game
  123. January 9 Bot Update
  124. How is the logic code for casting ability that have charges once?
  125. A Demo of machine learning for Dota2 bots
  126. GetAttackRange() and GetBaseDamage() after January 9 patch
  127. Coach detection and lane assignment
  128. ItemPurchaseThink shouldn't be called every frame
  129. How Do Team Desires Work?
  130. function GetBaseDamage() only return single digit number after last update
  131. How to make unit other than hero do some action?
  132. Dota 2 Bot Full-Overwrite Project
  133. Interactive Bot Console
  134. GetPlayer() Behavior Changed
  135. Bot Laning
  136. January 12 Bot Update
  137. January 12 Bot Update, Part II
  138. Bots learning from replay files?
  139. dedicated server broken?
  140. Is there a place to learn how to get started?
  141. Priority if conflict between AbilityUsageThink() and Think() in mode level?
  142. [CRASH] bot:Action_MoveToUnit(tower)
  143. Playing and having fun with the bots you made
  144. GetExtrapolatedLocation
  145. need help with automating scripts
  146. January 13 Bot Update
  147. GetChannelTime requires argument?
  148. Timer() functions + CoRouts
  149. LUA Efficiency
  150. Lane Assignment BUG and how you can fix it.
  151. Recycling Table vars
  152. Referencing Map Locations
  153. Lobby Settings: Local Host
  154. LFP to play versus differrent bots 2v5 or 3v5
  155. BUG? GetNeutralSpawners returns empty table
  156. Picking Up Runes
  157. Bot in ranked games
  158. SetTarget(nil) not a thing
  159. unit:GetLevel() work-around
  160. unit:IsAlive() returning false for unseen enemy heroes?
  161. New Bot: ExtremePush
  162. Action_MoveToLocation for small distances
  163. Correcting the Current Bots, Just Item Builds and Ability/Talent Level ups
  164. January 19 Bot Update
  165. How To Set Lanes?
  166. Please Fix
  167. Is there a way to target the exact opposite direction of an enemy?
  168. IsLocationPassable questions?
  169. My game closes when I play with script
  170. GetNearbyHeroes for Allies
  171. Minion Actions working?
  172. What is GetChannelledManaCostPerSecond used for?
  173. Item Removal on Use Delay
  174. Any chance I can upload to workshop on Mac?
  175. [Crash] Bot scripts crashes on Mac
  176. Bot Experiment Ain't Upgrading Abilities/Talents
  177. Qn on Unit:Action_ClearActions() and the implied action stack
  178. [DISCUSSION] GetEstimatedDamageToTarget()
  179. API is no more useful( No update!!! )
  180. GetRuneStatus() not working properly?
  181. [BUG] Action_Glyph()
  182. New Patch is Out - Change Log?
  183. January 26 Bot Update
  184. lua versions of npc_heroes/npc_units/npc_abilities
  185. Thanks Chris + Question about GetLocationAlongLane
  186. WIP - BOT BY FURIOSPUPPY Script Closes the Game.
  187. script cant find ability name.
  188. Null ability name passed into FindAbilityByName!
  189. Best Way to Determine Night Time
  190. Having a bot_[bot_name].lua with no Think() still results in full takeover
  191. API Updates/Changes
  192. What wrong with my global varaible?
  193. [BUG ?] Melee Heroes Attacking Towers
  194. Puppet Bot Bug?
  195. What does GetPowerTreadsStat() return exactly
  196. January 31 Bot Update
  197. host_timescale x
  198. How to debug the error that makes the game crashes ?
  199. Get Ability By Bot Ability Slot
  200. Query game state of downloaded match
  201. Getting Cooldown of an Ability
  202. February 1 Bot Update
  203. Nil value of GetTeamMember(2-6) in UpdateLaneAssignments
  204. [BUG?] Are bots able to see invisible heroes?
  205. [WTF] Like really... wtf?
  206. February 2 Bot Update
  207. Querying Unit other than Heroes, Creeps, Buildings, Trees, and Summoned Units.
  208. Pop Up Gold and Number Animation
  209. Is There Currently A Way To Get An Items Stack Amount?
  210. Bots vs Bots Options
  211. Riki Bot
  212. Crystal Maiden Talent Tree
  213. Feb 3 Update
  214. Anyone else get error with 'GetActualDamage' on ally creep after update ?
  215. I can't upload scripts to workshop
  216. How to use GetUnitPotentialValue() if I can't get handle of an unseen hero?
  217. Roles, new vs old method.
  218. weird item purchase action in late game
  219. Newbie has problems.
  220. Help Me to Guarantee the Bot Attack The Target
  221. Question regarding IsUsingAbility()
  222. New Added Default Bot Problem
  223. February 3 Bot Update
  224. February 6 Bot Update
  225. Questions about function fallbacks and chaining to generics
  226. PUBSIMULATOR Bloodseeker Bug (2017-02-04)
  227. Anyone got SetActionQueueing() working?
  228. Help To Analyze Crash Dump File Please
  229. Handle Destruction Blowing Up My Bots
  230. Interrupting vs Queueing vs Pushing
  231. GetStunDuration()
  232. GetNearby*() for non-hero Units
  233. Some problem about armlet
  234. Ability Behavior Constants
  235. Patch 7.02
  236. February 9 Bot Update
  237. Bot querying nearby creeps with a distance greater than cached
  238. 'getfenv' (a nil value)
  239. February 10 Bot Update
  240. Rolling your own Action Queue
  241. math.random
  242. Bot usage in custom games
  243. OnStart() not being overriden anymore?
  244. GetNearbyCreeps() for allies
  245. Game Crash
  246. Think() in mode script not get called every frame?
  247. It seems that many action didn't work when called too often?
  248. February 13 Bot Update
  249. UpdateLaneAssignments() function works for 15 seconds in GAME_MODE_GAME_IN_PROGRESS
  250. SimplyBetterBots (2017-01-07) is closed? Reporting a bug...