View Full Version : FPS drop after the latest update

09-10-2013, 09:10 PM
So I've tried multiple things to fix the game, but to no avail. My computer specs are as such:

MacBook Pro 2010
Mountain Lion 10.8.4
2.66ghz i7
8GB ram
nVidia 330M 512mb

Prior to the latest update, I have been mainly playing on the OSX version without many issues aside from the Steam In-Game overlay causing huge FPS drops and making it unplayable. I went ahead and disabled it and have been playing with relatively high settings up until now, with anywhere from 40-50fps at all times.

After the latest update, my FPS has dropped down considerably, with 30-35fps being the max and dropping below 20fps during full team fights, making it pretty difficult to play. Even after lowering the render quality and textures, etc. there is hardly any change in my FPS at all.

If I restart my computer, the first minute or so of the game will be what I expect, 50fps. After that it drops down to 30fps and never recovers from it. I have closed everything and checked activity monitor to see if there are any unwarranted processes but nothing comes up.

Looking to see if there are any solutions for this because I would prefer not to have to resort back to BootCamp

09-13-2013, 03:18 AM
Try to enable overly, after a recent steam update the issue seems to be reverted.