View Full Version : [Interface suggestion] Two possible ideas to improve on item viewing

06-01-2012, 09:51 PM
Just a couple of things I could see that would improve the shop and hero layout, really.

The first of these is a way of comparing the item to the one you're going to replace on the hero. I'm mentioning this because I'm fairly new to the beta, and don't play with high settings, so I've not been able to play with heroes to the point of knowing every detail on them yet. It would be nice to know how the decoration I'm buying would compare to the basic hero before it's actually bought.

There would be a number of ways this could be done. My preferred way would a direct comparison between the two, with the current picture of the decoration put alongside a picture of the default model on the item's page.

An alternative could be a preview button on the item's page that brings it to a screen similar to the loadout one, with the new decoration on the model. This would give you a better idea of how it will look ingame, but it would also obscure the default part you're replacing.

The third option is an expansion of the above; to allow you to preview items in the loadout screen before buying them. Perhaps they could be greyed-out to signify that you've still got to purchase them, but it would allow for previews on the model, a way of directly comparing the default to the purchase, and increase the exposure of the shop by creating a direct link between the loadout screen and store.

The second suggestion I'd like to bring up is to improve the loadout screen's ability to view models. Currently, it only shows a front view of the hero and his items, which can make viewing back decorations a pain. For example, comparing Prophet's capes to one another can't be done.

This could be resolved very easily by allowing full rotation of the model in the viewer. Whether it's done with a click-and-drag style or simply using the arrow keys doesn't matter much, what's important is the option to do so.

If you have any feedback or suggestions of your own, feel free to voice them. I'll add them to this post.