View Full Version : Reduce the Cost of the 6-Day Battle Bonus and the Multi Presents

06-02-2012, 07:43 PM
At the moment, it's more expensive to buy a 6-Day Battle Bonus than it is to buy 2 3-Day bonuses. Sure, it's only $0.01 more expensive, but it's still a better choice to get the 3-Day bonuses as it's a shorter investment and you can just keep using them every time they run out. From a business perspective, the 6-day bonus should be cheaper because you're committing to 6 days, which means if you can't play Dota 2 after 3 days you've wasted your investment. Also, the bundled presents are more expensive than buying x singles by pennies. Even though you have a significantly lower chance of giving presents to everyone, it's a better decision to buy single presents and pass them out.

06-02-2012, 09:08 PM
this seems like a good idea, I always liked buying the bundle of gifts in tf2 because it was the noticeably better value; I'm giving out 23 gifts for the price of 20 gifts. I and probably others would be likely to spend more money if the higher end items were brought down even a dollar or two, right now I'm just going to stick with getting 3-day boosters and the occasional shopkeeper's surprise