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06-05-2012, 09:02 AM
Items should be classified into many categories just like they are now : epic, rare, common, legendary, etc. I would add just one little spin to it :o

For each hero in dota there should be also your level of experience with him. So let's say about 50 levels for each hero. In order to wear legendary items your hero needs to be specific level. So you could, just by looking at the opponent, know how much is he experienced with that particular hero. Behind heroes with badass armor are players with huge exp and playtime on that hero. That would give ppl extra motivation to focus on one hero and learn one hero at time.

ALSO : some items would be rating dependant. Imagine. To get best looking armor your rating should be xxxx. Rating is account based, while levels are hero based.

So we could split items into 4 main categories :
- items that require only lvl to wear em
- items that require only rating to wear em
- items that require both
- items that require particular achievement to wear them ( example: kill 5000 heroes => you get OP looking axe etc. )

Like in all good mmo's players actions and skillz would be recognized just by looking at his armor/robe. Just another fun addition to already great dota 2 imo :)
Tell me what you think

06-05-2012, 09:14 AM
While the idea is nice in theory, the whole purpose of the store is to make Valve money. This suggestion would result in lower sales because many people would not reach the required level, resulting in them never being able to equip the item.

Valve wants you to equip whatever you want when you want. Therefore, I don't see this ever becoming reality.

06-05-2012, 09:22 AM

If you've checked interviews about the item system in TF2, the reason why you can buy items is in order to save time. Someone who plays the game regularly is bound to end up with a lot of items, while it's not the case for someone who doesn't play as often. Having items being dependent on how dedicated he is to the game, yet have it readily available in the store is counter-productive and can even turn off players.

I'll pull my own backpack (http://optf2.com/tf2/user/76561197974423818) for this case. Save for 3 items that I've got from buying other games, the rest were earned through time, not money. If a lvl/rating system was in, I'd be able to wear them all. Although, it feels wrong for those who can't play much, yet can afford to shell out some money for items. They don't necessarily have to get everything, they can simply buy what they want the most instead of relying on a random drop system.

Out of all the TF2 items, you could say that there's one similar to a lvl/rating system: This item (http://optf2.com/tf2/item/76561197974423818/78905118). This item defines me as a player since the beta. However, it isn't dropped or bought, it's awarded.

Also, how is your system supposed to work for "Self-Made" items? Those are versions given to creators of community-submitted items and would be much rarer than even Mythical.

06-05-2012, 09:53 AM
Dota doesn't work in the same way as your mmorpgs does. As nico said, this would affect the sale (remember the shop sales are what keeps the game free for all) and it would only make things pointlessly complicated for everyone, including the company.

06-05-2012, 11:35 AM
@nicoman all you said is true. What about if everyone could buy such items ( epics, etc. ). But if they wouldn't like to buy them, they'd had to get em hardcore ( like I described ). That way sales wouldn't be harmed and also you'd have to sweat really hard to get such items.