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05-28-2013, 12:30 AM
Hi guys

SO i know there are a few threads about this issue on this site already.. FOr me this does not happen all the time. It occurs on and off lets say i play 1-2 games fine.. then the next few games i get this error. I play in SEA region.

my console shows

Receiving uncompressed update from server
Receiving uncompressed update from server

Disconnect: Timed out
NotifyClientSignon: 0
NotifyClientSignon: 1
Connecting to public( ...
4249.251: Sending UDP connect to public IP
Retrying public( ...
4255.266: Sending UDP connect to public IP
NotifyClientSignon: 2
Connected to

Dota 2
Map: dota
Players: 10 (1 bots) / 24 humans
Build: 5311
Server Number: 2

C:Gamerules: entering state 'DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_INIT'
NotifyClientSignon: 3
No pure server whitelist. sv_pure = 0
NotifyClientSignon: 4
NotifyClientSignon: 5

VSCRIPT: Scripting is disabled.
Can't use cheat cvar cl_predict in multiplayer, unless the server has sv_cheats set to 1.
Receiving uncompressed update from server
NotifyClientSignon: 6
Low Water
Redownloading all lightmaps
Model heroes/juggernaut/juggernaut.mdl over budget: 3415 tris, 6 batches
Model heroes/sven/sven.mdl over budget: 3991 tris, 6 batches
Model heroes/antimage/antimage.mdl over budget: 2546 tris, 8 batches
Model heroes/venomancer/venomancer.mdl over budget: 5702 tris, 5 batches
Model heroes/pudge/pudge.mdl over budget: 3498 tris, 7 batches
Model heroes/crystal_maiden/crystal_maiden.mdl over budget: 3643 tris, 6 batches
Model heroes/magnataur/magnataur.mdl over budget: 3995 tris, 6 batches

is this a valve issue or a personal issue.

05-28-2013, 12:39 AM
It might be both, but since Dota 2 is still under development, let's assume it is their issue.

05-28-2013, 04:52 PM
I have the same problem. I play on US / EU servers