View Full Version : DOTA 2 Running Natively on the Early 2013 Retina MacBook Pro 15"

07-26-2013, 08:59 AM
Hey All,

I've just started an OS X focused gaming channel that will be dedicated to showcasing games that are available to purchase and that will run natively in OS X.

I'm very new to YouTube/Commentary so please bear with me, I'm keen to develop content based on what you guys would like to see and know so am 100% open to any advice, suggestions, game requests, commentary tips etc

So far I've got 2 videos up of;

Borderlands 2

Both running natively in OS X via Steam, feel free to check out my channel and if you like what you see please share / subscribe - I'll be trying to get a few new videos up per week :)


Another thing thats worth mentioning is that I noticed a lot of you mention that even on the lowest of settings you was getting very low FPS - fortunately this is something I didnt encounter even when my screen capture software was running BUT it has happened once... the only time when I had any FPS trouble is when I had the developer console enabled for DOTA 2 via the Launch Options... even without having a net graph active it still for some reason had an impact on my FPS... I'm not 100% it was the dev console but there was nothing else to my knowledge that could have had an impact on my performance other than that. Hope this helps :)

Apologies to Mods/Admins - I checked the forum rules and didnt see anything against self promotion as long as it was related to DOTA 2 so I hope this post is alright.