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[Confirmed] Witchcraft gives no movement speed

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  • [Confirmed] Witchcraft gives no movement speed


  • #2
    I encountered this issue earlier as well.

    In ability draft mode, witchcraft does not boost the hero's movement speed. It does still appear to boost spirit count.

    Repro Steps:
    1) In random ability draft, select witchcraft on a non-Krob hero.
    2) Rank up witchcraft.

    No movement speed is gained.

    Expected Result:
    Movement speed should be increased by a percentage.


    • #3
      Death Prophet Witchcraft bug

      Match ID 491174913 (currently unviewable)

      I chose Witchcraft as my second ability for the base Death Prophet hero and did not benefit from the Movespeed or Cooldown time, couldn't say regarding the extra ghosts though from Exorcism (which I had but I didn't exactly count the ghosts).


      • #4
        Same thing happens on Death Prophet when not chosen as the third ability.


        • #5
          I played a match as Witch Doctor with Edict, Lucent Beam, Witchcraft, and Exorcism. The only thing it did is increase the number of exorcism spirits. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but neither of the other spells received a reduced cooldown or mana cost.


          • #6
            i too was unable to benefit from the mana reduction, move speed, or casting cooldown bonus on any of my other spells. (i had no other DP spells)


            • #7
              DP Witchcraft does nothing in ability draft

              Grabbing DPs ability Witchcraft for the passive movement speed in ability draft mode (didn't care about the mana reduction) I was shocked to find the supposed passive movement speed does not apply (I was playing riki at the time if its relevant) as well as the mana reduction not doing anything ether (might be specific to her select spells though)


              • #8
                Death Prophet's passive "Witchcraft" not working on (most) heroes!

                Match ID : 498006686

                i was playing Nature Prophet and was maxing DP's passive (which adds MS and reduces CD and mana cost of other spells) but it wasn't working
                no cooldowns were reduced and no mana cost were reduced and no bonus MS were given!!

                yet i could swear it was working in previous games where the enemy had the spell.


                • #9
                  I had it as a third skill on death prophet and it gives no movement speed increase at all. The only other DP spell I have is exorcism, which seems to be affected correctly.


                  • #10
                    Personally I played a silencer with witchcraft and silence. Silence CD was reduced as expected but the MS passive did not work.


                    • #11
                      Ability Draft - Withcraft bug

                      Witchcraft doesn't give any effect to any hero except Death Prophet. Haven't checked wc3 dota if it works.

                      Repro: Pick Witchcraft on any hero except Death Prophet.
                      Expected result: 20% MS.
                      Actual result: Just a filler on the skill slot.


                      • #12
                        Picked it on Death Prophet in 3rd skill slot - no MS increase


                        • #13
                          Exorcism Movement Speed

                          Venomancer with Witchcraft isn't getting the movement speed buff from the skill.
                          Last edited by Phanther; 02-11-2014, 03:27 AM.


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                            • #15
                              I also experienced this bug. The skill did absolutely nothing and needs to be fixed asap please.

                              I played Death Prophet and got Witchcraft as her second skill, and Exorcism as ultimate.
                              Witchcraft gave no movespeed buff or any bonus exorcism spirits.