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    This thread has nothing to do with bugs, but since this sub-forum it's about AD, i want to ASK you gently why the $*cK VALVE don't add the rest of the heroes to this wonderful mode ( i have over 200 games played and i'm not saying i'm bored i just want to have more combinations/heroes etc ) . It's that so hard to add the rest of the unbroken heroes atleast? I just don't see what is the problem it has passed more than half a year after the release of this mode and you don't even add a hero a week atleast! i just need a reason why u don't add the rest of the heroes! YOU DON'T EVEN FIX BUGS, worst than ubisoft, valve is all about money!

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    1. Most of the heroes that are not added are those with more than 4 skills slots.
    2. Valve prioritizes the actual game over AD, which is a 100% right thing to do.
    Possible solution to foreigners issue
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      1. ur retarded? whats ur point? ofc they need to be added, MORE SPELLS
      2. ofc cuz valve is retarded like you and are fucking greedy keeping 10 workers to do everything


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        Valve is focusing on competitive modes that count as e-sport. It sucks that this mode isn't considered competitive because of unbalanced skill picking system therefore its fun only mode at the moment. Dev team doesn't care and mods also don't give a damn.

        If you want a change we either need to gather around and make some petition to valve with shitload of signatures or we spam over gaming media and push the topic.

        I can't do shit myself even being a game developer, which I thought would mean something when contacting gaming media...


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          I can already see where this thread is going, so I close it here already.
          Please, just call me buny.