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Bugs/Improvement for ability draft for Dota as a whole.

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  • Bugs/Improvement for ability draft for Dota as a whole.

    I notice that different heroes have really different base stats. Of which, in Ability draft.

    Some of these heroes have REALLY BAD base stats:
    1. Tiny - Low movement speed, 0 armor
    2. Visage - Low movement speed, low magic resist, NEGATIVE physical resist.

    These 2 are by far, the 2 heroes that I've notice with very bad base stats. I do know that base on their actual skills, they will then have the armor or movement speed. But developers, keep in mind that there is low to no chance that theses heroes can get skills like Craggy Exterior, Grow or Grave Keeper's Cloak in a DRAFT. This makes the game kind of imbalanced. In my very honest opinion, heroes base stats should be kept pretty much close to one another and instead lower the bonuses they get from their skills.

    For another example, Silencer has got the passive of stealing intelligence. Which is good for the person who got it by random. But making it unfair for everyone else as why do silencer get an extra ability to steal intelligence from kills just by getting the hero itself?
    On the other hand, we have some heroes with higher base hp regeneration and some with very low regeneration. I suppose it poses only little advantage/disadvantage to the game play hence I think it can be overlooked.

    And instead of random heroes, why not a choice of Ability Draft (all pick, the draft skills) or Random Ability Draft (pretty much the same as current ability draft). Which can minimize the issue of unfairness due to random-ing bad hero models.

    Now for the bugs, While most of our fellow community have posted. There are some really major bugs that I really think should be fixed ASAP.
    1. Picking Overgrowth with heroes other than Treant Protector DOES NOT GIVES Eye in the Forest ability. Again, disadvantages of getting a random hero model.
    2. Glaives causing buggy graphics due to projectiles not flying to target. If this really cant be fixed, Why not add a tooltip for AD that it doesnt work for melee heroes. Because there are bound to have jokers, knowing or not knowing this issue, picked it and ruin the game play. We are talking about the bad graphics here, as it causes lag whenever these buggy projectiles are on the screen.
    3. Metamorphosis not working correctly on other heroes.

    And while this isnt really a bug, but it is a major logic flaw. Sticky Napalm damage kicks in on ability like Rot or Ion Shell which deals damage several times a second. The effect of "smooth" decreasing hp instead of ticks per second, made Sticky Napalm a deadly combo with these skills. It sorta spoils the game play as most of the time, its a sure kill early in the game. My suggestion is giving the damage a cooldown. Something like limiting Axe's Counter Helix not spin more than once per 0.45/0.40/0.35/0.30 seconds.

    These opinions are totally based on my side and might not have enough considerations for other aspects in the game.
    But it is sincerely, changes that most players will hope for. Hope dev team will take it into consideration.

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    There's already topic for this in this subforum here