Daily guild contracts can be completed in ability draft, but guild challenges cannot be done by a guild group in ability draft.

Some dota+ seasonal quests can be completed in ability draft (tipping, placing observer wards) but others cannot (winning games, wins as a core, wins as a support).

For people who primarily/only play ability draft, this behavior is incredibly inconsistent and makes dota+ a feature with significantly limited value, and holds back guilds who focus on ability draft from getting to higher tiers despite significant activity from members playing in guild groups. Contrast this with turbo, where people can burn through low quality games and advance guild challenges very rapidly.

At the very least, there should be information available about what dota+ quests and what guild features can be advanced in each game mode so that people don't expect to receive certain rewards and then come away disappointed because they chose to play a mode they enjoy instead of a mode that's the most efficient for doing the quests/challenges.