First of all, please excuse me for my bad writing English since it's not my native language.

I'm a huge fan of Ability Draft mode since me and my friends are too tired of trying hard in All Pick matches. We played more than 1000 AD matches together, most of the time it's really fun, but sometimes it's very frustrating to play because some matches' result depends too much on allocated Heroes and picking order. I can't find any other places to post these suggestions so I'm gonna post it here, hope it does not violate any forum's rule.

There are two gameplay factors that should be changed to make AD matches more balance in my opinion:

(1) Heroes allocation:
I believe experienced AD players understand that not only the ability draft but also heroes that your team are given in the beginning of the game play a huge role in deciding the result of the match. Sometimes it's ultimately frustrating to be given a team of Visage - Riki - CM - Weaver - Winter Wyvern, all squishy heroes with poor stat growth which are extremely difficult to play without their entire skillsets (or a very good skillset, which is very hard to draft versus experienced players), agaisnt opponent's Centaur - PL- Orge Magi - Silencer - Nature Prophet, heroes with good stat growth which can still perform really well without a well-drafted skillset. Not every games come with this scenario but it DOES happens a lot and the team with weaker heroes has little to no chance to win cosidering players' skill level are equal.

Improvement suggestion:
I think we can solve this problem by classifying all available heroes into tiers (I, II, III) based on their stat growth (and perhaps talent tree also). When the game starts, each team will be given an equal number of heroes in each tier (Example: 1 hero from tier I, 3 from tier II, 1 from tier III for each team). This will makes matches way more balance than its current method of allocating heroes to players (which I think is absolutely random (?))

(2) Drafting order:
The current drafting order is: The first player of Radiant Team pick first, then other players take turns to pick. The last player to pick in each phase will get to pick first in the next phase. I understand this method tries to bring balance to team picks but I think it's not balance enough: The Radiant side will ALWAYS pick first, and always capable of picking a crucial ability which is pretty OP when combine with most abilities (Sukuchi, types of Blink, Riki's invis,...). Those abilites most of the time will be picked by The Radiant, and it's totally unfair for the team on The Dire side (not considering the winrate disadvantage when being on The Dire in any other game mode)

Improvement suggestion:
Just simply add a ban phase before picking. The team to pick first will be chosen RANDOMLY, and the other team will vote to ban 1 ability, the team to pick first will vote to ban 1 later. After 2 abilites are banned, the picking phase will begin and two teams take turns to pick as usual

Above are two of my suggestions to make Ability Mode more balance. Hope you guys will take them into consideration. Thanks!