Hello. This is not a bug, I know, but now that Ability Draft is actively receiving updates again - and by the way, thank you so much for that - I have a small wish I hope will be implemented.
While it's easy to get the impression that this forum is not used much, I'd rather try my luck here than on Reddit. Anyway, on to the request.

I would like to ask that you add an alternative to alt-clicking abilities in the drafting phase.

As it stands, alt-clicking an ability displays the "[Player] would like to draft [Ability]". However, almost everyone uses this as a means to suggest abilities for others to pick, rather than what they themselves want. This is very confusing for those not knowing about this trend. Furthermore, you are forced to type in chat something like "please leave X ability for me". If there's a language barrier present in the game, or if people simply neglect to read the chat, this doesn't work. More often than not, whenever an ability is named in chat, people will pick it without reading the context, thinking that a teammate requested it to be picked.

So basically, what we need is something similar to ctrl+alt-clicking items in the shop, that displays the message "I think someone should pick [Ability]".
The best option would be to make this the new alt-click command, so the current functionality, unintended as it may be, is kept. Move the command requesting an ability for oneself to another key combination, such as ctrl+alt.

Finally, the current message "[Player] would like to draft [Ability]" should ideally be changed a little, so people will actually notice the new functionality. For instance, "Please leave [Ability for me". While players would probably figure it out in time, it's very likely that for a long time they would keep reacting to the current message as they always have, and pick what was requested by someone else.

That is all. Again, thank you for updating Ability Draft so much recently. The AD community truly appreciates it.