We queued for our grand final match and after a few seconds the game kicked us all out and it showed the "reconnect button", we were all trying to reconnect every single time the game kicks us out. After a while, the connecting effects turned from brown (battle cup effect) to blue (normal matchmaking effect) and we cant' reconnect anymore because it just says now "play dota". We checked the bracket and our opponents were declared champions even though the match was discarded and they experienced the same thing. It says suspicious results even though it's the server's fault.

Tournament ID: 3213159
South East Asia Division - Tier 6
Grand Finals Match ID: 5789087797
Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/menmaxa/

We had 2 stomps and we didn't even get to play the finals, or even find another match. We feel robbed. We only have 3 users with Dota Plus and we used 2 battle cup tickets. Is there some kind of compensation for this?