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3rd party programs in co-op bot

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  • 3rd party programs in co-op bot

    I know it's not directly related to bots, but there are 2 issues that make me post this here:

    1. It happens only in co-op bots, so the bot-users are less likely to be punished for what they do.
    2. In any other relevant section the thread will vanish among MM complaints.

    There were threads about it before, but generally it happened rarely, so people ignored the issue. Recently, however, I was lucky enough to have more and more games with the players using 3rd party programs in co-cop bot to farm items.

    No matter what hero is picked, the player-bot will always follow this pattern:

    1. Buys boots and wards (if randomed) as starting items. He may buy courier as well, but it will always remain in his inventory.
    2. Goes to one lane (usually mid) and autoattack whatever he encounters first.
    3. If the hero's health is dropped below 60% he will walk back to base, heal and repeat step 2. Same happens if the hero dies (effectively resulting in a non-stop feeding).
    4. The bot will write twice in the chat to pretend he is a real player. First it's "ka", and a bit later "haoka". This is Chinese and the phrases mean "lags" and "huge lags". Note that I`m playing on US East and West servers, so the issue has little to do with a particular (Asian) region.
    5. Skill build ignores leveling ultimate.
    6. Item build progression consists solely of Bracers.

    If you notice this behavior, just report the player - in my games even people who replied with "I don't care" after my warnings ended up reporting them, that's just how dumb and annoying these bots are. Obviously, they also get items in the end, which is their whole purpose (and usually end up getting Rare or greater items - speaking about "drop is random"). And I don't think a statement like "They are not using bots in real matches, so who cares?" is a good way to justify any use of 3rd party programs like this one.

    On a side note, Valve pls fix this on your own part.
    Remember, remember the 1st of November

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    I've ran into this as well... very annoying and certainly ruins games. Hopefully Valve will take action and ip-ban these guys.