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Are Bots on Your Team Actually Worse Than the Bots on the Enemy Team?

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  • Are Bots on Your Team Actually Worse Than the Bots on the Enemy Team?

    Simple question, I play bots early in the morning because nobody queues in my area that early and every time my bots feel like their AI is nerfed compared to the enemy bots.

    For example, last game I played I was chasing down Necrolyte as lone druid, he ults my bear, then Windrunner comes out of nowhere, force staffs me into the tress and shackles me for full duration. I can safely say that not once has a bot on my team done anything close to that level of co-ordination. Instead, my friendly Earthshaker and Sandking with full mana and cooldowns will stare into the distance while I get chain stunned to oblivion.

    Solo enemy bots run away successfully while your whole team is chasing, they blink, they forcestaff etc. Allied bots do the stupidest shit know to mankind, like turning around and casting Wave of Terror while the enemy pain train is chasing them.

    Enemy bots will group as soon as the first tower is down, 5 man for the rest of the game. Unless you are playing a splitpush hero like Tinker or NP it's very hard to come back from. Allied bots barely group, they would prefer to farm the jungle or a lane while the enemy deathball 5 mans all of your towers.

    Allied bots FEEEEEED, holy shit, Defending a tower to them means pushing the lane up to their tower and fighting directly beneath it. Attacking a tower means the exact same thing, all the while enemy bots seem to back off and play it safe. If an enemy carry like Chaos Knight, Viper, Sniper, Luna etc get even slightly ahead, it's all over red rover, your team will serve themselves up as food to the 5 man over and over and over.

    You have a big red arrow over your head. Enemy bots will target you like no other, maybe it is because you're the highest level so that actually makes sense, but when you combine this with the issues of allied bots feeding non-stop, 95% of the time its 5 vs you. Once you go down, its feeding time at the zoo for their Luna to pick up a BKB or a Butterfly.

    Allied bots Killsteal, minor issue, but annoying as hell nonetheless. All that is stopping the enemy team from base raping you is if you can get big enough to kill their entire team. When you come into a lane, do 95% of the work only to have dazzle do a ninja weave grinds my gears.

    If your team has all outer towers down on mid lane, but all of them still stand on the side lanes, they will not stop running down the mid lane to the enemy base one at a time, feeding the enemy carry all the while singing "here comes the airplane! Open wide" While I sit in base with a 90 second respawn timer because I just tried to push down some outer towers by my lonesome, then all of a sudden a huge fucking boat comes out of nowhere.

    Allied bots are terrible, nuff said. Having a human player on their team obviously screws with them and makes them go full retard.

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    Yes, your team bots are mentally retarded and its a pain to play with them. See this topic here


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      Well yeah. I mean I do win most of my games against the bots with most heroes and line ups but I totally hear you.

      See the thing is that your bots seem to be (in my experience) confused by your presence, they think your position means something to them when you want something else completely which is why you can get these positions where they run in one at a time because they think you want to commit when you are just waiting for the enemy to run into an ambush.

      Pings for anything but tower defense is going to confuse the hell out of them. This is why enemy bots appear to play better because they always know what they want to do and are in sync with each other, whereas your presence throws your bots off their game.

      Still I know a few tricks and know their builds inside and out am really open to challenges from you guys about picking me a hero (any hero any role) and then suggesting two bots for them to pick and I will not accept Viper as a team mate (unless you want me to).