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Check this out(viper,sniper and luna)

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  • Check this out(viper,sniper and luna)

    These bots are impure to be honest. i am just about to break the keyboard getting tired of how they flash farm, collect items, spam abilities, cheat everything in the game.

    Yesterday, i had another game with PA. This time, i backed off at early moments not to get ganked and not to allow them to grow. However, the guy playing razor died 14 times in total. Rather than engaging these bots, i kept farming. i did not get behind levels while entire team got stomped by luna first. She is incredibly strong with insane damage from the first moments of the game. Even my bkb, bf, demon edge did not do the job.(i obtained phase boots early on.)After storm spirit joined the session of being a prey for monster bots, these bots didn't step back. i challenged luna 1 vs 1 in the middle of the game to push her back. But, HER ABILITIES SOMEHOW WENT THROUGH MY BKB while none of my attacks DRAINED EVEN A BIT from hers.

    Valve needs to balance these bots. Add new ones. So many people complaining about these three.

    What do you think?

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    From reading your post I'm sure no one has even the faintest idea of what actually happened. I've lost like MAYBE 2-3 bots games ever. From what I read here this is nothing else than a team playing like a bunch of retards.


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      Luna + Butterfly = Evasion.

      You didn't buy an MKB. Demon Edge alone is good, but if you don't have the True Strike to deal with her evasion, she'll evade a bunch of damage.

      Also a note, PA late game isn't that great. She's good, but I feel you need to utilize her high damage potential earlier in the game than to sit back and farm with her. She can carry late game, granted the other team hasn't farmed all their items, but if they have, you have to make smart item purchases to counter them as much as possible or she'll just get squashed. Razor bot, for example, buys a Blade Mail, and that's one of the best items the enemy team can have against a PA because it means she can potentially kill herself with one crit. The only way to survive jumping on a razor after that point is if you have a BKB to nullify the damage return.
      This ain't ova.


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        Does BKB nullify blade mail return? I don't think so mate.


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          Originally posted by SolidAsARock View Post
          Does BKB nullify blade mail return? I don't think so mate.
          Well you better stop thinking wrong.


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              Originally posted by SolidAsARock View Post


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                Yeah, I didn't even mention Razor's Passive, Unstable Current. PA doing anything to him without a BKB is annoying as her abilities are single target.
                This ain't ova.


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                  Hello again. This odd coded three bots keep fucking all team as long as they get slayed a lot especially early on. In that case, bots continuously attack all towers and destroy all of them one after another. THEY NEVER EVER LEAVE EACH OTHER! We lost a game to team with viper again and our razor and ck just fed them. SOMeTIMES LUNA ULT DOESNT WORK ON THEM(no damage). i picked bs that last game and it was a shame game to play. The score on easy bot diff. was 59-17. Can you believe it?