Its outrageous to play against bots. Whenever I do a practice match, I usually pick invoker and go for exort build. Whenever I try to sun strike a running low hp hero mid like Death Prophet or Drow, they dodge it! They just go this weird ass path that no normal person would like. For example: Bounty hunter 200 hp runs back after sniper and zeus burst him down, I sun strike the exact direction he was going to take, then he just turns around, goes invis and kills sniper with his lane buddy like wtf. I am pretty good at sun strikes and missing them at these kind of situations is fucking pathetic.

Now lets put sunstrikes away, have you ever played an invis hero? I remember playing BH and Riki against bots. I would go invis, try to kill a low hp lion who was like in a group of 3 heroes, and right when I revealed myself with the back shot, I got stunned, disabled, nuked EVERYTHING AT THE SAME FUCKING TIMe. How can you play like this if bots can see everything you are trying to do, this is insane.

Valve FIX plz! -.-