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Tools in games with bots

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  • Tools in games with bots

    Could you please implement at least some basic level of control to bots in your own team by adding buttons or something similiar to have the bots act towards the way you are trying to get the game going. Right now you can't do much other than ping the map or maybe have some of the chat wheel commands be relayed to the bots to have them perform something such as wards. At present the bots are making their own decisions based on scripts or other calculations they make regardless of the actual player. Weird and annoying situations such as a bot dazzle contesting last hits when a player is playing a carry hero is not uncommon and if a player is just wanting to have a 20mins of fun by playing a hero tagged or otherwise persieved as a support role and carrying with it cs contest are even more common. Then there is the times when the other team will group up as five to the players lane and the bots of your team will group as four and push the opposite lanes (top/bot) and continue through the lane up to the ancient without thinking of protecting own towers until the player either stops the opposition push or joins the team and takes down an ancient. These types of pushes occur from around 5 minute mark to the end. Bots decide the lanes and won't change them after hero picks until they decide to either defend a tower or push. So basicly a set of buttons to for example set your desired role regarding farm and lane and the bot you want to have with you in the lane, controls to encourage or discourage bots to stay back and farm or group up and push or split push, and other simple ways to have a low level of control over your team. Everyone in normal games have atleast some weight in saying how the team will play and in practice sense if you're trying to achieve something spesific would be easier.

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    you can control your bots with pings.


    • #3
      ^You can, but sometimes they dont do what you want, like roshan, or not to dive like bloody fucking idiots.

      I also would like to see some commands options, select both team heroes etc...
      Last edited by Garry70; 09-24-2013, 02:55 PM.


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        Yeah, it seems like pings only work when its of minimal consequence. When it actually matters with a life of death situation, or watching your barracks get trampled, they never pay attention.


        • #5
          I'd actually like to see the bots receive orders from the chat wheel.

          > Get Back. (Retreat, stay away from enemy).
          > We need wards. (Tell support bot to ignore the observer ward restrictions and buy wards, even if they're the last pair).
          > Roshan. (Tell bots to fight Roshan)

          This ain't ova.