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Bot are aware of attack commands of illusions

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  • Bot are aware of attack commands of illusions

    Bots will know if illusion are issued to attack them (at least illusions from runes, not tested with others)

    Steps to reproduce:
    - Start bot game
    - Find an illusion rune
    - Select both illusions, issue attack command on any bot you can see on the map.
    --> They either back up as far as any how possible (back to base or some tower it goes) or they start running towards the illusions even thought they dont have vision.

  • #2
    -Right click/spell click on any enemy bot
    -They know youre going to attack them
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    • #3
      You can issue the command from the other side of the map and they will back up!


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        I noticed a really glaring problem with bots recently too. When you ping on a target, your bots literally attack move the target, setting the creep wave aggro onto your bots, which on it's own is a huge no-no when ganking. The bigger issue is that this also alerts the enemy bots that they are being ganked. It's the simple fact that your bots are attack moving the enemy that sends them retreating long before you or your bots can ever throw a spell off. You essentially have to ping the target as you're throwing your ability at the target or they will just get away 99 out of 100 times.

        When the bots gank you, they're dead set on using attack move first and not use any abilities until they get within attack range to use them. I think this is part of the reason why melee heroes like Skeleton King, Sven, Sand King, & Earthshaker take so long to initiate on bots that you're pinging on. They sometimes literally wait until they're within melee range before casting offensive abilities. They end up casting their stun near the start of a melee attack animation that they interrupt. I'm not sure if changing my npc_heroes.txt (requires_setup "0") on all of those heroes will affect it or not. I can do some testing if I get some spare time. Earthshaker in particular, it's very noticeable. He will chase people with full mana and HP and he will try to hit them with Enchant Totem or Fissure, it really depends. He will chase them down, but he often won't cast an ability until he's close to melee range.
        This ain't ova.