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Well, I guess... that's it...

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  • Well, I guess... that's it...

    I was about to make a topic about the "deathball" that every single game happens when you're playing with bots...

    But then I saw all those topics (including the 2013 (2 years, man --') "Playing with bots is infuriating- AI, team lineup, dives, feed etc").

    Well, sry, I guess there's no solution... the admins doesn't really care about this.
    Look, I know it's not easy to create an AI, and I know that the game focus on the multiplayer, but if this option is there, why can't we have a decent bot AI?

    I really enjoy playing with bots (and I'm not the only one), so, pls Valve, do something, pls!

    Seriously, this is sad...

    On the other hand, ty Frog, the 6.82 is pretty awesome ^^
    Last edited by romgb; 09-27-2014, 11:25 PM.

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    I like the atual bot AI, at least the lane phase is pretty well. And you can pratice how harrass and last-hit with a ok-pressure.


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      Bots from dota 1 were already good enough, why not valve hire those fellas who made the dota 1 bots? and nearly all heroes have their own bots...just saying...


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        Originally posted by Hybrid_Dragon View Post
        Bots from dota 1 were already good enough, why not valve hire those fellas who made the dota 1 bots? and nearly all heroes have their own bots...just saying...
        First off, Dota1 bots were cheating like hell and that's why people still think they were good. That said, WC3 World Editor had native AI support so the bots basically already "knew" how all the spells were working. Source engine doesn't have that kind of native AI support as it wasn't developed for RTS games.

        Originally posted by romgb View Post
        On the other hand, ty Frog, the 6.82 is pretty awesome ^^
        Even with the tuned bounties, it's literally the worst patch I have ever witnessed in DotA. "But the TI finals deathball strat so stronk -> needed nerf", yeah, well, maybe don't overbuff heroes (hi DP, hi Shaman) and this doesn't happen. Icefrogs balancing became worse and worse in the last patches and this whole new game system is just the icing on the shitcake.
        Originally posted by biejis


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          The bots are terrible, they have always been terrible and it is obvious they will not be fixed or even improved.

          The only thing I've learned in bot matches is overwhelmingly selfish play. I'm genuinely curious of the low-level 'all core lineup' stereotype is simply because this is what people have learned from practice.