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change the bots AI

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  • change the bots AI

    Please make the bots on the opposite team not focusing on player so much and the bots on the player side smarter. Think about when beginner try to practice with bots and only player die in every team fight, and when team fight start nobody follow player and just let player die. Also when the other push to base and the bots on player side never try to defence. It feels like when playing on hard or crazy bots the bots on the player side are easy. If this don't change, it will just make less and less people come play dota cuz most people always start a multiplayer game with bots first to practice.

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    Oh my god, yes. Enemy bots are ignoring the bots in your team and go straight for you, even if it means certain death. The issue was there for years but with the last update it is really rampant.
    Originally posted by biejis


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      They've always done it but yeah, in this patch it did seem to get ramped up. Whoever the bots perceive as a threat they will dive through towers, enemy heroes and in this patch I've seen them fountain dive far more than they did before. They used to (wisely) avoid the fountain like the plague, now I've seen five bots chase me into the fountain as Medusa. It didn't end well for them.

      Still though, the bots on your side aren't dumber, well not really. Keep in mind that they play some heroes really badly and others a lot less badly and this results in feeding one way or the other. The hive mind also means their strategy and general plans mean they are one person down (you) in anything they are thinking or planning which gives the other team a small advantage.


      • #4
        walking into the team one by one and only target the bot at the back which has the lowest hp and ignore other bots at the front and just straight to death you call that a strategy?
        Other example, Bots on our side: Lets go into a teamfight after the player or the tower is dead!


        • #5
          Pretty much. It's harder to play initiators with the bots for this reason. You can't do the natural play, you have to think 'will the bots take advantage of this opening'. As much as I dislike playing with humans (because of team no wards/courier unless I buy it and the fact nobody in the community seems to see the reasons behind this issue as being the issue itself) I know playing with bots is probably making me worse because of this.

          You can get a god mode initiation, have 5 people in the black hole or something, if your bots don't want to engage they aren't going to engage, no matter how many times you ping them.