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[Suggestion] Bots need some manners

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  • [Suggestion] Bots need some manners

    I was very offended when, in my game just now, I called "gg" after a good practice game as Storm Spirit and there was complete silence from the opposing team.

    Surely one of the roles of bots is to provide an example to new players, and a polite "gg" to the opposing team after an enthralling match should be part of that.

    Perhaps if a human player has had a good game, the bots could lower themselves to a congratulatory "wp" as well?

  • #2
    Sounds good. Although it might be hard to tell for bots when they lost the game (especially when it was a close one), and premature forfeits would be annoying.


    • #3
      Originally posted by Caddrel View Post
      I was very offended when, in my game just now, I called "gg" after a good practice game as Storm Spirit and there was complete silence from the opposing team.
      ok this part makes me lol'd. are you serious?
      "Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad."


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        Originally posted by xXSynXx View Post
        ok this thread makes me lol'd. are you serious?
        It would not only provide a talismanic example to the Dota 2 community but also counter the age old argument, "Good manners cost nothing."

        In this case, good manners would take a day or two of programming time (costly stuff) and an argument over when it is truly "gg".
        Last edited by Caddrel; 02-03-2012, 07:58 AM.


        • #5
          Bad idea.... If you suck but somehow still win you get a gg?
          If you want a gg you go play online, you need more incentive to do that, not less.

          Loadingscreen tips would work much better. "When you have a fun time online let other people know" (but something better)
          VALVE please make a punishment system that punishes the offenders... not the team. Also ever heard about communication? Try it. It might solve a lot of debates/questions here on the forum.


          • #6
            this... no, can't be, but i will ask.
            ARE YOU SERIOUS ?


            • #7
              +1, bots should always gg if the user says it. Don't even ask why ^^


              • #8
                And make bots on your team randomly type in cyrillic, go afk and ragequit.


                • #9
                  You own the bots and cynically call "gg" waiting for a "wp" in return? Madness!
                  I consider it harshly unmannered to call "gg" if you win. It's losers choice!
                  Originally posted by biejis


                  • #10
                    this discussion is ridiculous, there is no problem in the bots answering "gg" to you or even saying this on their own choice when ancient is at 5hp or something like that. it would really just improve manners and not harm anyone.


                    • #11
                      The ultimate goal would be an implementation of Alice or Cleverbot :P


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                          And when they die they will RageQuit?


                          • #14
                            This is kinda ridiculous... Usually one does not have problems with ego.


                            • #15
                              I think bots should also say "Damn, you are the most amazing player I've ever seen!"

                              Seriously though, I think the basic "gg", "wp", and "gl hf" would be a nice addition, but nothing essential of course.

                              Although, I could see a lot of beginners saying the game is bugged because it keeps saying letters that make no sense.
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