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Coop botgame gets autofilled with bot teammates if queue takes too long

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  • Coop botgame gets autofilled with bot teammates if queue takes too long

    > Start a coop bot game, matchmaking queue starts.
    > Wait a few minutes, game found.
    > All my teammates are bots, I'm the only human in the game.
    > wtf
    > Exit game, get an abandon and blocked from matchmaking for a few minutes.
    > wt actual f

    Long version:
    I like to play coop bot games on hard and unfair mode. The teammates in these games tend to be rare, but very fun and competent. During off-hours late at night, the matchmaking queue can easily take 30-60mins until enough players are found. I can live with that. I'm watching videos or cleaning my room in the meantime. It's worth the wait.

    Today when I logged into the game after a few weeks of break, I started queueing for a coop bot game (Ranked MM AI, Unfair). Found a game after just five minutes (wow, that's unusual), but then realised that I am the only human in the game. All my vacant teammate slots have been automatically filled with bots. (what is this, did I misclick?) So I quit the match and got an abandon penalty (wtf there's no penalty for leaving a solo bot match!) Tried again. And again, after 5 minutes in the queue, I get thrown into a coop bot game that's actually a solo bot game, except that I get punished for leaving.

    I suspect that this is part of those "New Player" features that got introduced recently. The release notes say something about newbies getting automatically paired with bots so they don't get frustrated by long queues. Fair enough. But in my case, it's bullshit.
    1. I am not a new player. I've been playing this game for years. I have a 69% winrate with Io. I believe this qualifies as "not a new player". I've just never played ranked games because I don't like the tryhards. Unranked is way more laid-back.
    2. If I clicked on coop, I want coop. I'd rather wait 60minutes and then go to bed because noone is online than be thrown into a lame excuse of a solo botgame after 5 Minutes.
    3. Even if these arguments were invalid, there should absolutely be no penalty for leaving a game that is 9 bots + me.

    Is there any hope that this is getting fixed? Or am I simply doing something wrong? Is there a hidden "I'm not a Newbie" checkbox somewhere that I can click?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Same - Haven't played in a while and I wanted to polish up my rusted skills by playing co-op bots while checking meta, experimenting with new (to me) items and hero (dawnbreaker).

    Here's hoping there's a toggle button somewhere that specifies whether I want to have AI teammates or not.