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Way to communicate with bots needed

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  • Way to communicate with bots needed

    At the moment it would be inadequate to recommend playing with bots to any noob. It would contribute to people becoming as antisocial as described by other testers because bots currently behave in ways that encourage you to act egoistically.

    There is no way to communicate with bots (e.g. telling them when to push a tower, join in a gank or when to defend the base) leaving you no way to actively interact with bots. There is also no possibility for players to discourage bots from pushing as they tend to have an extreme desire to do so even if it is completely irrational (I even saw bots pushing other lanes whilst our mid-rax was being steamrolled).

    Needless to say this will discourage noobs even further from communicating with teammates whilst the opposite should be happening. What players should be learning from bots is to cooperate constructively with your team.
    All a player can currently learn is to pick a carry (or some pubstomp hero) and detach himself from the team hoping that teammates don't feed the enemy too much. Whilst it would be wrong to ask for communication features for bots at this point they should definitely be included at some point before the game releases.

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    You tried pinging? It's not the most effective thing right now (still being tuned), but it should influence their desires. We don't know much about the progress made internally with human-bot communication, but it should be on the To-Do-list.


    • #3
      Pinging doesn't work. Only in rare cases will bots react.


      • #4
        They react everytime when i ping them. At least for pushing and defending.


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          Pinging works more or less. You ping one of your towers, they all instantly tp there. You ping an enemy hero that is in the creep wave and not too far back, the bots run towards him and try to kill him, etc. Not perfect but it kinda works.
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            Originally posted by KevinCorporation View Post
            Pinging works more or less. You ping one of your towers, they all instantly tp there. You ping an enemy hero that is in the creep wave and not too far back, the bots run towards him and try to kill him, etc. Not perfect but it kinda works.
            I have tried pinging them in 3 games and it does not work for me. Also even if it does work it's kind of arbitrary.
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              The pinging works perfectly fine for me.


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                It's not an absolute order -- there will still be times even when you're pinging that they really, really won't want to do whatever you're telling them to do. As always, screenshots (particularly with bot debugging displayed) are helpful in those cases.