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V7.00 Bots

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  • V7.00 Bots

    Hey guys. Found a few bugs with bots during my trial run with them.

    -They sometimes idle near the bounty rune spots for long periods of time
    -They cannot use backpack properly (match scoreboard shows bots having complete items being wasted in their backpack
    -They stack wards, keeps on purchasing them but not placing them anywhere which results in supports having 10+ wards near end game

    Just some of the ones I've noticed thus far. I'll update this when I see more.


  • #2
    They seriously need to be fixed; some bots never get into their lanes due to trying to place wards and other stuff.


    • #3
      Yes, one bot stands near a rune spot for ~20 minutes, no farming, nothing. For Dire, it's just to the right of the Ancient Camp.

      Not a new bug, but if the player buys the courier, bots still sometimes buy a 2nd and 3rd courier and leave them on the map after delivery to die. Repeat until end of game.


      • #4
        Originally posted by GameSharK View Post
        -They cannot use backpack properly (match scoreboard shows bots having complete items being wasted in their backpack
        I'm having the same issue with them using the backpack (I had DK bot with two gg branches in his inventory and an AC in the backpack), but the end-game scoreboard always shows the backpack as empty for all hereos.

        Also, they seem to be super confused by the new Roshan pit. Enemy team did roshan, saw the notification go up, but no notification for who grabbed the aegis. Spent a few seconds wondering if that was bugged or removed, then let it be. After a couple minutes of seeing no enemies on the map anywhere, my curiosity got the better of me. Sure enough, all five enemy heroes are sitting in the pit waiting for someone to grab the thing. Easiest snatch followed by two stunlocked deaths of my life. Same issue when an allied hero went to do rosh.


        • #5
          The hanging around Bounty Rune issue seems to be fixed after a small update that rolled out today. I've only done 2 bot matches, but 2 matches where it didn't occur is plenty of evidence when it happened without fail every time before.

          Ward stacking and backpack use still need some work.
          Last edited by Cornbane; 12-14-2016, 02:27 AM.


          • #6
            Still bot afk need to fixed additionally Bot just put ward on bounty rune
            Not put ward may place just like jungle roshan spot and top rune add
            Bot not use backpack that all fixed this valve I know this patch was biggest change on dota but please just care this Bot anyway seem broken and new player want to play dota is no idea maybe what the Bot this heheh my friend said


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              Originally posted by stuartpierce View Post
              Yes, one bot stands near a rune spot for ~20 minutes, no farming, nothing. For Dire, it's just to the right of the Ancient Camp.

              Not a new bug, but if the player buys the courier, bots still sometimes buy a 2nd and 3rd courier and leave them on the map after delivery to die. Repeat until end of game.
              Had this happen yesterday - extremely frustrating as the dual couriers also can prevent delivery of items entirely (due to cooldown override of one dead courier) or with both when recalling. Forces you to manually have to select the correct courier and send them a location manually... if they don't die while sitting idly in random locations on the map.


              • #8
                Bots are even more of a joke in this patch. They just don't push at all. Laning is weird. I had Venge roaming in a game just now, well I assumed she was roaming as she came into my lane then left again but what she actually seemed to be doing was constantly checking for runes in the river. If she got one she'd come back to bot lane then she'd disappear off again. After a while the bots just kept getting stuck in a defending loop. They'd go to a tower to defend (sometimes walk, sometimes tp) then once the threat had been dealt with they'd tp/walk back to the fountain. They seemed to spend all their time at the fountain. I had to solo the opposing team (though they were doing the same stupid stuff as my team so not too difficult). I eventually wrecked all three lanes of rax and my team decided to follow the mega's in. Lion ran up the mid steps, blinked back immediately then tp'd back to the fountain. My other bot teammates then all returned to the fountain too!

                Just what the f is going on with bots now?! And how many months will it be before Valve deigns to fix them?


                • #9
                  Bots constantly micro courier together with their avatar and it remains perma-'jacked'


                  • #10
                    I found a bug where bots who bought the courier are always taking it with them, like side-by-side with the hero no matter what


                    • #11
                      Bots are completely broken , Please fix.

                      1. Bots alway stuck at the rune spots and fountain.
                      2. Bot that buy the courier will think the courier is it's own unit.
                      3. Bots do not use there items.
                      Last edited by bearmarx; 12-15-2016, 05:20 AM.


                      • #12
                        Additional bugs : WEAPON IS GONE !!! yeah, like Sniper's Gun, MK' Stick, DK's Sword, everything is GONE !! dunno when online, I found this when playing offline.


                        • #13

                          Most of the kinks have been ironed out, it seems. But I still have found a few ones of note.

                          -Dire bots seem to love the ward spot at dire right side jungle between the T1 and T2 towers. They like to have it warded all the time. They even wait for the ward to expire right after planting so one of the supports get stuck there lol.
                          -PA, not entirely sure with other bots, seem to think that Helm of the Dominator recipe is still Morbid Mask + Helm of Iron Will.
                          -Bots never pick up aegis even when you don't have an item slot. A backpack issue, perhaps? They might think that you still have slots because of the backpack.
                          -Another backpack issue, the bots seem to have priority on items that they are currently building rather than complete ones. I see a PA bot with an almost complete vanguard (less vitality booster) on her while her completed BKB is in her backpack.
                          -Bots also have problems following Monkey King when he jumps and it makes them very easy to exploit.
                          -Bots don't also use the talent tree.

                          Will update again if I notice more.
                          Last edited by GameSharK; 12-19-2016, 06:12 AM. Reason: Talent tree


                          • #14
                            Bots is NAAAAKEEEDD AF when played in offline mode. I have made a threat about it in visual glitches, and some other people confirm it too. Tiny is even PERMANENT INVISIBLE (LOL)


                            • #15
                              A shame they never took the bots into consideration when they were creating this update; community bots are good, but not when the default bots can't function properly, never mind custom ones.