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[Feedback] Teleport Scroll & Boots of Travel usage. Fog of war agressiveness.

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  • [Feedback] Teleport Scroll & Boots of Travel usage. Fog of war agressiveness.

    I've been noticing a lot of redundant teleport scroll uses where the bots will basically teleport to the tower they are already in range of. I think it happens most notably when making pushes. Especially if a bot is in the lane, but behind the furtherest tower in that lane. They will try to catch up to the push by teleporting in, however they only teleport about 20 feet and are really no closer than they would have been had they walked.

    I've also noticed some peculiar Boots of Travel uses by Crystal Maiden. I don't know if it's her AI in particular or just all bots who use BoT, but she tends to get herself killed with those suicidal teleports. Today while making a push on bottom barracks, our team minus Crystal Maiden were all right outside the base, below the T3 tower. The next creepwave was literally right behind us. CM decides to use her teleport on the leading creep in that wave as it's walking up the stairs. The rest of our team is still outside of the base as she teleports into the heart of their barracks, surrounded by creeps, a tower, and heroes. We had no chance of saving her.

    I think part of this last problem stems from the bots not taking the fog of war seriously. They tend to advance right into the FoW far too agressively, sometimes going in ahead of the creep waves. It's more of an issue when they are in lower ground regions: the stairs dividing the middle lane, the stairs leading up to jungles/secret shop areas, and right outside of the base. All too often I find that bots reach their demise when walking up those stairs, not knowing the enemy heroes are only inches away. This might be corrected once wards are in play and they better understand the importance of map vision. Nonetheless, I think it's part of the problem with the Boots of Travel issue.
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    Using boots of travel right isn't that easy for a bot. You have to predict where the creeps will be in 2 seconds, and if you want to be there. And if you choose to wait a bit longer, you might end up like that CM you described. It can be pretty tricky. But anyways, the team will surely find a way for that.


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      They indeed do suicidal moves with the boots of travel, imo the dev team should not even bother and make them buy some other boots. It happens with Lina too, she TP right in front of 5 guys all the time, it's like she's "useful" for a bot and then she get the boots and here we go she becomes useless and just feed.


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        Yeah, there are a few problems here:
        - Bots still tend to port into too-dangerous areas (they do this with normal TP scrolls too).
        - Bots sometimes TP oddly short distances.
        - Bots don't anticipate creep movement when using BoT.
        - Bots aren't great at anticipating where enemy heroes that they can't see might be.

        The first is probably pretty easy to fix, the second is definitely easy to fix, the third is hard but not impossible, the last is really challenging. All have been noted, thanks for the feedback!