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ChangeUp bot Team Comp Rotation

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  • ChangeUp bot Team Comp Rotation

    As one who enjoys practicing against the bots from time to time I've noticed one hero that is almost constantly picked picked by the opposition in these matches is sniper. Now I've got no problem with sniper, I understand his place in the game and I've never had any beef with him in mp but, he is goddamned annoying in when bot controlled. And not just a bit, like it's nigh impossible to lane against him on almost all difficulty levels, cause with his range he simply denies everything and takes everylast hit. Effectively giving you no farm, now I realize this is what he's supposed to be doing to a degree, but when mid is just about the only viable lane, (because if you go side with bot teammates, they steal pretty much every last hit, or try to anyway, leaving you in a similar situation) and he's picked nearly every game (he takes mid).... well hopefully you see where I'm going with this. Just would be cool if the bots switched up their comp a bit more so I don't have to re-roll games, just to try and get one that's not going to be challenging to the point of annoyance.
    That said - I realize AI is tough and I am in no way complaining, just feeding-back!
    Last edited by Joelicus; 03-03-2012, 12:10 AM.

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    Only 14 bot heroes are out yet, at least from what I know Bane was recently added to the existing 13, haven't played a bot game as of the latest patch. I have no clue when new ones will be made available.
    And well if you get so easily screwed over on last hits, then all I can really say is that you need to improve, and if you're having difficulties against bots with last hitting it seems to be the perfect place to do so. Sniper is pretty decent at last hitting yes, but honestly if I have to say why he's so annoying its because it's almost impossible to lane against him as a melee after about 3-4 levels. Unlike players, he will never miss a chance to send an auto attack your way, often prioritizing harassment over last hitting. Furthermore, it's really not that hard to get last hits in the side lane.


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      Abuse his low damage. Also, i assume there's nothing that makes the enemy bots pick sniper more often, so nothing to be fixed here. Probably just bad luck on your side.