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More control over bot games

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  • More control over bot games

    I am a big fan of bot games because I get too anxious to play online so I have more time in bot matches than I care to admit. One thing I have always wanted from my bot matches is the ability to guide the game a little more. I am hoping to do this in a few ways, which are probably at varying levels of viability, but I will just list them and ramble off my thoughts.

    Hero picks: Really wish I could set the lineups for both teams. Obviously, some heroes are better than others when it comes to bots (looking at you, CK) and I enjoy having more difficult bots on the other team to make it more fun. Previously I would vary the bot difficulty enough as to skew the odds toward the other team's bots but this is no longer possible. I say this mostly because if you play with all hard bots against unfair bots, you will basically be 1v5 in every fight. Also if you're looking for a more nuanced view of this it allows someone who might want to test counters, game scenarios, or whatever else in a more controlled game.

    Lane choices: Bots can be really bad at choosing their lanes so I'd love to be able to do it for them. This also is an extension of the fact that you can't solo off or safelane.

    Bot decisions: I realize we're kind of limited in what bots can do but I would like to be able to control what state bots are in. This could be as simple as getting them to leave your lane, maybe come to your lane, or just coordinate a push. They also tend to start pushing earlier than I'd like and I just want some way of getting rid of them. I know you can sometimes do this with pings, but it's not as explicit or functional as a way to direct bots to any given lane/state. A lot of this stems from the fact that I want to be able to make the game more difficult for myself so I often try to send the bots on suicide pushes, but that's besides the point.

    That's all I can really think of right now, I hope something in here is useful.