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Bots do Roshan at level 1.

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  • Bots do Roshan at level 1.


    these bots went to attack Roshan just after they arrived on lane to fight. Also, when I attack Roshan at very early levels, the same bots also decide to go with me and attack it (probably because of the former). This makes them ignore everything, taking damage from units and buildings, and then die just to go to Roshan's Pit and attempt to kill it at level 1. It also goes on like a loop.

    Another screenshot.
    Another screenshot.
    Last edited by kheilon; 03-10-2012, 02:49 AM.

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    Why are people posting bug reports for bots lately when they're cheating all over the place. It's no surprise that AIs act weird if you do impossible things.
    In all likelihood, they considered your position and strength, and deemed it as a good time to do Roshan, and with your strength that's easily possible. In an actual game, your character would never have those stats so early on and they wouldn't regard themselves as being capable of killing Roshan.


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      Quality beta tester.


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        Come on, I just found it while playing around since I got nothing to do. A bug is still a bug and must be reported once found. Geez, some people. >__>

        Jesus Christ, do I even need to argue with you two about this?
        Last edited by kheilon; 03-10-2012, 06:18 AM.


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          this is bot normal behaviour when player buying rapier. bot behaviour was set for a normal non-cheats is impossible to earn rapier in the early stage of the non-cheat games. so imo this isnt a bug
          "Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad."


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            I can only agree to the other guys. The bots notice their team has a HUGE advantage, so they decide to rosh. What exactly needs to be fixed here?


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              Originally posted by kheilon View Post
              Come on, I just found it while playing around since I got nothing to do. A bug is still a bug and must be reported once found. Geez, some people. >__>

              Jesus Christ, do I even need to argue with you two about this?
              Look I understand your point.
              But having to add in checks to account for normally impossible situations is a real bother and may hamper their decision making ability even when this isn't the case.
              For example, 1 of the possible ways of solving this is by making the bots check whether they themselves would actually make any impact on the fight with Roshan. They'd find out they wouldn't, and they'd realize that you are the sole reason why they would be able to kill Roshan. Right, solved? After all they won't go for him any more if they're too weak themselves.
              Except that means that in late game matches, certain supports like Crystal Maiden may decide that they'll be of no use to killing Roshan and not help the team out. So you'd have to add in more checks to prevent this.
              Either that or the more easy solution would be to check for cheats, but quite frankly clogging up decision making with something as redundant as that is a waste of processing time. If cheats are enabled you probably aren't looking for a proper, fair match up to begin with.

              Quite frankly it isn't worth the effort to add it in the first place, and if it can have negative impacts on bot behavior outside of cheat-enabled environments then it sure as hell isn't worth the effort.


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                This is kinda useless. Bots are made for "normal" playing. So without "lololol,instant rapier". Usually people don't do this because they want to have fun and/or practice.
                So it's not really a bug in my opinion.


                • #9
                  Reporting bugs with cheats enabled is fine -- bots should really work correctly whatever the situation is. This one's probably going be pretty low-priority though.