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[test client] Bots destroy your items

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  • [test client] Bots destroy your items

    Steps to reproduce:
    1). Buy something (ironwood branch for example)
    2). Put it on the ground
    3). Watch bots destroying it
    Sorry for my bad English.

  • #2
    friendly bots or enemy bots? Anyway, in both cases it would be like in a real dota pub game


    • #3
      I've noticed their reaction time for items that drop from inventory is remarkably high.

      For example, I buy Gem to counter Sniper's Shadow Blade, but I am killed. Before my death animation is even over he has destroyed the Gem. No other heroes around, not in my inventory, not on unpathable ground (behind t2 tower). It's difficult to pick something like that up when there is no chance to react to a team mate dropping it if Sniper can just pick it off 0ms after it's dropped.
      This ain't ova.


      • #4
        Yeah I've seen a Tidehunter drop 2 items and pick up 2 divine rapiers before I even saw the divine rapiers dropped from my friends corpse, they seem to have 0 delay on it.

        In regards to this thread though, as said is this friendly or enemy? Enemy bots should be destroying it if they have the chance. If allied bots are destroying it, it's a rather major bug.


        • #5
          I don't think that ownership of the item has an impact of whether the bots destroy it. With dota1 bots they destroyed items on the ground that were not in the fountain area without the owner present (within 1000 AoE or something). Never quite understood why but whatever.


          • #6
            Now this is happening in main client (since patch have been ported there).
            Both friendly and enemy bots want to destroy items on the ground really bad... You can test it easily.
            - create private game with bots and cheats on
            - buy branches
            - put some of them near bots and watch
            - give yourself some gold (-gold 9999)
            - buy more branches (like 30) if you inventory is full all the branches will appear near your fountain
            - watch some unlucky friendly bot get killed, his anger afterwards will transfer to your branches poor things...
            Alternative, you can go with your branches to mid lane. Put them near you tower and wait. Enemy bot will tower dive just to destroy them...
            Sorry for my bad English.


            • #7
              Will be fixed in the next update, but for now I'd recommend keeping your items safely in your inventory/stash.


              • #8
                This issue was only partially fixed. While friendly bots no longer want to destroy your items, enemy bots are. They attack items on the ground with high priority.
                So, my previous statement is still true:
                "[...] you can go with your branches to mid lane. Put them near your tower and wait. Enemy bot will tower dive just to destroy them..."
                Sorry for my bad English.