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Bots steal Roshan

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  • Bots steal Roshan

    Whilst it's nice for bots to actually pick Rosh sometimes, but I had a Sven take Aegis from me (Lycan). Don't know if it was intended or not.

  • #2
    It seems random, I had a tiny blink in and steal it from me when I soloed it and the next time we did it CM charged in to grab it then proceeded to die twice.

    I think they need to be set to wait a second or so before picking it up if a player is around.


    • #3
      Honestly there should be an option to make bots go away when you're playing a hero that can easily solo rosh (Lycan, Ursa, Brood etc)


      • #4
        sven takes the Aegis, even before they appear.
        this has to be changed.


        • #5
          Originally posted by Fyrren View Post
          Honestly there should be an option to make bots go away when you're playing a hero that can easily solo rosh (Lycan, Ursa, Brood etc)
          Yeah this is very annoying.

          I'll farm an early Vlads on Ursa, start soloing Rosh, and the bots all say "Doing Roshan!" and leave their lanes, giving the enemy bots free farm.

          The Aegis stealing needs to be fixed. I was in a bot game last night and our useless Sniper was about 0/10 and snatched the Aegis the exact nanosecond it dropped.


          • #6
            Earthshaker Bot steals aegis

            Just something interesting I noted, was playing a bot game with some mates who wanted to try lycanthrope, earthshaker bot on our team walks up and steals the aegis as soon as roshan dies. That's weird, but we blow it off. Then I decide to try it again, once again in an entirely different game, earthshaker bot goes to roshan and steals the aegis before the player can pick it up. I was lycanthrope, not sure if it is against other heroes however. Since it was repeatable in 2 different games, I'm going to assume this is a bug.

            Could be somewhat annoying since earthshaker is trying to become highlander all the time.


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              Bots(10 Viewing)
              Post bugs and suggestions specifically related to bots

              Bad category (someone move it :<). But yea, I've played lycan today, went solo rosh, and sniper bot from bottom (we were both in radiant team) lane came and stole aegis as fast, as rosh dropped it.


              • #8
                Same with venge, guys. Bots should really know who can solo roshan. Lycan, Venomancer and Ursa included.
                It'd be nice if they'd write "Do you need help" and recognize all the answers like "No", "no." and "-".
                But I'm daydreaming.
                (Both standing hard lines solo, wr and clock)
                Ars-Art: nice dota, mini
                Mini: yeah. how r u?
                Ars-Art: tower is my best friend


                • #9
                  Bots making requests/asking questions and responding to simple answers or acknowledging simple requests made in chat would be a huge leap forward. It's annoying to spam ping to lead my bot allies to a single lane and force them to push. Saying "push mid" should be able to accomplish that. But this is the wrong forum for either of these discussions.


                  • #10
                    Moved and merged to bots section.
                    Before posting a bug read the Bug posting guidelines first and check the Known Bugs list For existing bugs.

                    Use the report () button when you need help from a Moderator.


                    • #11
                      Same thing happend to me when I played Lycan and started to solo Roshan, the bastards took Aegis from me D:


                      • #12
                        Hm, they should be waiting 3 seconds before picking it up to give humans a chance to grab it. I'll take a look.


                        • #13
                          Will be fixed in the next update.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by ChrisC View Post
                            Will be fixed in the next update.
                            I just tested Syllabear in a bot game and it STILL happens. I pinged for a rosh go. All came. We killed Rosh quickely and Tiny still instantly picked up the Aegis.