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They never came...

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  • They never came...

    At the beginning of the game, Lina instantly said "roaming to gank bot" but never came. Seconds after that, she said she was going to gank top, and never went top. And she was constantly saying "roaming to gank top" but it took her a ton of time to go top.
    And it happened a bunch of times that she said "going bot" but she actually went top.
    What about a message when she aborts what she's doing? like "roaming bot" but then she says "going back to mid", because i was expecting her a bunch of times just to see her going back to mid or ganking top...

    Also other thing that i saw was that i was jungling, then one came, stole my kill on the creep (i guess this is intended) and then teleported to the bot tower to defend it (she was literally 2 seconds from the tower)

    Also it would help alot if they went to roshan instantly after you start attacking roshan. Or make then react to certain text, like "roshan now"

    Other thing: i played a match as pudge and on the other side at mid there was Vengeful spirit. The thing is that she never was mid. She was always on top or bot, trying to gank, never leveled up while i was farming mid.
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    Noticed this as well, that the AI frequently says "roaming to gank X lane", but never does it. I occasionally see them head towards it, and then just go back to their original lane, but yet have they done it for me.

    Though, I frequently GET ganked by Zeus when I am solomid, for whatever reason.
    Roam in your own zone or get kidnapped and clapped in your dome.


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      This still happens very often. Once AI has decided they'd do anything, they should complete it, unless human player gives another order or trying to defend second level towers at least.

      Have you noticed allied AI team, mid game on, stay roaming all alone, while, in fact, they don't do anything except feeding? I guess this problem is related to constantly making new decisions even if the current one isn't finished.

      The most disturbing one is when they obey our commands to gank/defend, but "forget" them 4 seconds later.


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        There are a lot of reasons that bots might go back on their original decision (roaming to gank a hero that they lose vision of for a number of seconds, a target hero retreats to behind their tower when we don't want to towerdive, etc). They do have a weighting factor so that they're encouraged to continue with whatever their current behavior is, and we'll continue to tune that to reduce their flakiness (while not making them continue with a obviously dumb decision).


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          While I understand the case of situations evolving (such as enemy running behind tower), I still would agree on a plan. If the bots are planning on ganking someone, they should atleast try to stick to the plan for a while. If an enemy goes behind the tower, the visit might be a short one (creepline too near to their tower, fear of gank). My idea in short would be that the one roaming to gank should wait a while somewhere hidden (like behind the trees), and when the opportunity comes, gank the enemy.


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            Maybe they should announce when they decide not to come (I can't remember whether that has been added already)


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              Originally posted by slam View Post
              Maybe they should announce when they decide not to come (I can't remember whether that has been added already)
              "Going back to %s."

              ...althought I would've liked if they've just said "Never mind". That would've made it fun to watch as bots can't make up their mind.


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                Yep I can up their stick-to-it-iveness some, particularly when they've already traveled a significant portion of the way there.