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Clinkz Bot does not put anything into skills

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  • Clinkz Bot does not put anything into skills

    Had a game with clinkz where he put nothing into skills or items and just auto attacked everything

    1. I got Clinkz doing an ALL RANDOM private lobby, so far he is the only hero I have seen to not do anything

  • #2
    hmm, I'm pretty sure there is no clinkz AI in place. There are only 13 heroes with AI in the game, so that's probably the reason..
    This ain't ova.


    • #3
      So far i have seen AI for

      Shadow Shaman
      Crystal Maiden
      Spirit Breaker

      So im pretty sure theres AI for a good amount of hero's some just i guess need to still be processed


      • #4
        Sticky: Known Issues

        Only 13 implemented heroes so far.

        I think they are:
        1. Razor
        2. Zeus
        3. Windrunner
        4. Lina
        5. Crystal Maiden
        6. Sven
        7. Earthshaker
        8. Tidehunter
        9. Tiny
        10. Kunkka
        11. Sniper
        12. Juggernaut
        13. Vengeful Spirit
        14. Bane

        Bane was just added not too long ago, making it 14.
        Last edited by squinte; 03-26-2012, 09:34 PM.
        This ain't ova.


        • #5
          Also Drow Ranger will buy items and put stats into skills and Ancient Apparition as well. Where did you find the list for implemented heroes?


          • #6
            I play a lot of bot matches and know that these are the heroes that appear in bot matches. The heroes that are implemented, (The ones I listed) are the only ones you will see if you play All-Pick games. Those are the ones that are being tested as far as I can tell. This is why when you play Co-op vs Bots the only available game mode is All-Pick and the heroes selected for the bot team are from the list I mentioned. All Random and Single Draft are buggy as far as I can tell because there are only 14 heroes implemented..
            This ain't ova.


            • #7
              Infinity, there are many heroes that have item buying and/or skill levelling AI, it just means their AI is being worked on where as say Nature's Prophet who buys neither items nor skills his abilities isn't worked on yet at all.
              Apart from the before mentioned list of 14 no bots will actually use their skills. Until a bot actually uses their skills they're not really worth calling 'implemented' anyhow, as without skills a hero is somewhat useless.