If the bots are pushing a lane and their creepwave is wiped while an enemy creepwave is still present they go into frightened mode. The bots won't attack and they won't flee.

Repro Steps:
1) Wait for bots to all push a lane.
2) Eliminate their creeps.
3) Wait for your creeps to push up to their position.

They simply all get stuck in a group in weird locations along the sides of lanes, running in circles. Not running or attacking.

Expected Result:
Bots should either use an ability or two to wipe out the creepwave or they should flee from the wave.

I think the reason this occurs is because it seems that bots want to ONLY last-hit creeps. I've noticed this type of behavior when pushing lanes, that they will only attack for the last hit and not actually push the lanes by attacking the creeps from full health.