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Bots still don't defend base or respond to pings

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  • Bots still don't defend base or respond to pings

    I just had another game with bots where after 19 min (!) dire bots just pushed one lane with ZERO response from my teammates. After 2 min 2 lanes were down and they walked(!) from dire base top tower to radiant base while taking their sweet time and arriving one after another to get killed by the assembled dire team.

    Is it so hard for bots to always have a tp in inventory and come defending when the base is pushed? Is it sooo hard to respond to 20 pings on the own tower?

    Also: they have a weird fetish to push one lane when the base tower is slightly damaged so that they hang around this lane for several minutes and not doing much else. Even when there is virtually no chance that they will actually get that lane.

    And another thing: when you send tiny solo mid he has to stay around at least till lvl3 preferably 5. When I play vs the tiny bod at mid lane he stays in lane for virtually one creep wave (netting him lvl2) with constant ganking afterwards. I mean a free farm lane is nice but I don't think you have that in mind when you let tiny go solo mid.

    Since I've already opened this: Zeus used to have a delay between detecting a low health enemy and using his ulti. In recent games I think that's not so anymore. I know it's kinda hard to program when to use it but killstealing a sure kill from the other end of the map is just rude. Also it might be best to use his ulti at the beginning of (or even before) team fights in late game since by then the damage is ignorable but the sight and dagger disabling is incredibly important.
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    If they don't have TPs and know they can't get there in time, they sometimes won't even respond to pings.

    The logic for purchasing TPs effectively is actually pretty complicated, and is still being worked on.


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      Thanks for the reply. But I must say that one of the first advices I give to new players is to always carry a tp scroll. At least from min 10 onwards.

      And I've checked. At any given time about half of the team carries a tp scroll and some have one in their stash. This is very weird since a scroll in stash is indeed a very useless thing. Better change it to only buy the scroll when in range of the side or main shop.

      And the bots don't seem to mind the distance they have to walk to get to a position of interest. Like for instance walking from bot lane own base to top lane enemy base because the creeps are just pushing (and of course the creeps are already killed and pushed back by the time they arrive there). A crude estimation of distance = walking time should be factored into their decision making.


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        I said it a while ago but one major improvement on this area would be to make them buy an extra TP scroll upon TP'ing (pretty sure they still don't do this anyhow).
        As it stands I'm fairly sure they think they still have a TP scroll ready while mid-cast on their current, then they arrive at their lane using the scroll they just used and go like "Hey I don't have a scroll". So they should decide mid-teleport whether or not it's worth it to get a new one right there and then.