You even quoted me on the answer! I explained it ("adjusting stuff now might be obsolete if other things are added"), then referenced it with "again" in the part you quoted, and now you ask why...
Again, this isn't the only issue, and fixing this by saying "give them a higher incentive to towerdive low-hp heroes" won't work out in the long run.
Please tell me which statement you want to go by. This is beta, why not try stuff?

I tried to help solving the issue you complained about. So i don't really understand what your critique was against.
You said it was extremely difficult to tell bots how to act during laning phase. (I agree.) I am trying to eliminate some parts to make it easier. (Thus the nice discussion we are having.)

On to the issue of tunnel vision!

Maybe it is possible to add positioning into how the bots are thinking. Something along the lines of… We now surround Hero B(Hero A was forced to run), even though Hero A is low, they should think they have a better chance of killing Hero B now.

Did not want to clutter up the other thread with this, if you want to read what we had talked about you can find it here: