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  • Feedback Loops

    I have seen quite a few situations with loops in bot behavior (sorry, no screencaps - I'll do a -dumpbot when I see it again); specifically regarding the fight and flee states.

    The one situation was when me and an ally ganked one, travelling in the river mid. We saw the bot running back and forth (quite rapidly, possibly 100 or so units) and I can only assume it was because it was looping between fight and flee (possibly because it was going into allied creep range and out).

    An interesting way to turn this into a feature is require that the bot do something 'affirmative' before transitioning back into the N-1 state (what it was in before the current state); so for example the fight state might require a spell or autoattack. The flee case would require a certain distance moved: possibly 600 or so units. In the specific flight-fight-flight-fight case this would have a great outcome: kiting. The AI would possibly also seem more human-like because it would commit to plans (and that could be a mistake).
    Rules to be a good beta tester:
    1. Don't bring WC3 limitations to DOTA 2.
    2. Be an example. You are not here to play ALL games for fun. You are here to test so we can have a better game.
    3. Don't say that something is working as intended, unless it makes complete sense, not just because it was like DOTA 1.
    4. Being a better player than someone doesn't mean his argument is null-and-void.
    5. Use the search.
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    Well, running 600 units is far too rough when it comes to dealing with a tight situation. Allies arriving, enemy support arriving, the enemy popping a magic wand, you getting a chen heal...
    Many things can turn the tide of a battle in the blink of an eye, and you will lose your advantage if you stick to "run 600 units and think again".
    Same goes for the attack-part.
    Example: You find someone in the jungle. You seem to win the following battle, but you see allies of the enemy arriving. If you stick to "attack mode" and wait till you got off another attack/spell, you'll probably be dead.
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