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  • Bot commands

    First off, I think the bots in Dota 2 are a lot better than the AI in Dota but that's only when it comes to ganking(on their own, without me coming to gank) and rune-whoring. What I don't like and I think needs change is how they behave. They very rarely if ever respond to pings. I can be sneaking up on someone like sniper in bottom lane and there's a lina and vs on my team in that lane and I'm viper. I ping them non-stop to attack sniper but they don't respond, and ONLY AFTER I cast my ulti, they suddenly come in with stun, stun, dragon slave. And basically KS outright. I could understand writing the logic on hero priority related to who the hard carry is, who the support is, who the ganker is can be difficult. But honestly, it doesn't help when I get ksed non-stop by heroes like Zeus and VS while I'm playing as someone like Viper or FV.

    Also, I think the old commands from Dota's AI like; -cgm 1-5 or -cpm are definitely better than pinging a spot. I know it'd take a while to implement if at all. But at least with the AI, they respond immediately to -cgm 4(bot 4 go mid) or -cpm(all push mid). A lot of games now with the bots ends after 30-40 mins. Most pub games unless dragged intentionally end in under 30 mins. I've realised with unfair bots, if I play solo, I cannot play a support hero or a ganker. I always have to pick hard carries, heroes like FV, Clinkz or SA. Primarily because I cannot rely on the team to win the game for me, occasionally the bots rock hard. And with a seemingly weird team composition(i.e. Zeus, Lina, Windrunner, CM). While the enemy team is boasting Tiny, Sven, VS, Bane and Sniper. Then when I get a seemingly good team compo.(i.e. Sven, VS, Bane, Tidehunter with me playing as some random hero), we just lose and they feed like crazy. There doesn't seem to be consistency in bot ability. Are they dumbed down slightly because there's a human player?

    Of course I know this is still beta, and I'm not asking for the moon here nor am I trying to drown you in a wall of text but in summary, what I'd like to see sometime if possible;
    So if the damned bot picks Zeus, I can make him repick so I can live free and clear without the ever looming threat of KS

    -cgm and -cpm
    It'd be nice like what someone said somewhere else in this forum to lane with heroes I want to lane with. I don't care if Razor is a better match for my Enchantress, I want ES there so that I can get early kills. As of now, I usually have to solo mid simply because it's the easiest way. Level up faster so I can kill easier. Also, a lot of times games can be ended faster, the way you want it if you could just get all the silly bots to a particular lane to push, as it is, they just randomly decide when to push. I've even had an instance when the entire enemy team was down, their mid raxxed, and creeps pushing on bottom. AND THEY ALL DECIDE TO GO ROSHAN! I honestly couldn't believe it, I kept pinging for them to push bottom and rax that too, but they no care! We could have easily rosh'd after raxxing bottom when the enemy team would be forced to defend both mid and bottom mega creeps.

    Unfair difficulty is ok, it's alright actually. But bot ability consistency is strange at best.

    Having bots realise there is a huge enemy team assembled pushing a lane, and not to trickle in one by one and get themselves slaughtered and leaving me alone to defend.

    And that's about it for now, long text. Apologies in advance!