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[Feedback] Wards and Predictable pathing.

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  • [Feedback] Wards and Predictable pathing.

    A friend and I have been practicing some new heroes together and we've recently discovered that the lastest bot build, which allows for ward placement, gives off some very predictable pathing. We get a guaranteed gank before the creeps spawn in every game.

    It's a pretty set play, just buy your items up as soon as possible and rush to mid water. When you're there start running down towards bottom rune. Occasionally your warding bot will get involved in the fight as well. The Dire ward bot always runs toward top through the water, where we cut them off. It's firstblood in a matter of seconds from there.

    I've also noticed, before the first creep wave has spawned Dire bots appear in the section where Radiant Secret Shop is, occasionally popping their head out by walking down the steps between mid T1 & T2 towers. I assume this is where the Dire warding bot ends up after placing the second ward on the top rune provided they aren't ganked.
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    This ain't ova.

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    I love that they ward now. I usually let them ward with the understanding that I wont be able to catch them so easily in a real game. and focus of trying to counter ward mid game.


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      We only discovered this because we were going to dual mid and we both saw the waring bots fighting then the pursuit went through water where we were both standing. Then it happened like 3 more times in a row. Now we just go to the ward spot to gank before the game starts. If you ping the map to tell all the bots to go there right away, it's a 4v1.

      If this is going to be the case, perhaps instead of sending all bots to their lanes right away they should escourt the support bot with wards to the warding spots to prevent such easy ganks.

      edit: Also, maybe make it a random chance that they will either ward top first or bot first, so that it's not predictable.
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      This ain't ova.


      • #4
        yeah i've gotten fb like this 1/4 games due to new warding pathing

        on another note, bots should just have permanent free (automatically placed? no cost?) wards (destroyable, only replaced at intervals) at the most common ward areas on unfair mode


        • #5
          Bot pathing while warding is a little broken right now since they're often trying to path to an unpathable location (up on ledges, etc). They're dropping back to the basic pathfinder which just acts just like a normal right-click, rather than the bot pathfinder that does things like avoid towers, enemy visibility, etc.

          I'll also look into mixing up the placement order a bit.

          Thanks for the feedback! The ward stuff is definitely still pretty first-pass at this point.


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            maybe they should ward as a squad (similar to competitive play) so you can't gank them so easily.
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