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Even unfair bots are too easy

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    The real question is, if you're that good why do you play against bots? They are good enough for beginners (which is their purpose) and except some really dumb moves caused most likely by bugs they destroy new players, all the bots have one or two stuns if you get caught you're dead, it's hard for a beginner. The only bad thing is you can't count on your team at all because they are really retarded, if they have Tide + Tiny and Sniper and you're a beginner you will loose 100% because you'll get engage and insta killed everytime.


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      My favourite combo so far was Bane+Tiny+Vengeful+Lina+Shaker that was just...stunning
      Originally posted by vladhood
      boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


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        I think that the main "problem" with bots right now it's that they don't really know how to face each hero, like a normal experienced player should do.

        If I lane a mid Rikimaru vs. Lina/Zeus/Bane I should get totally demolished, but bots don't realize that because (even on Unfair) they don't make full use of their skill's potential and can't really realize when they are in a situation that they should do be aggressive.

        It also works the opposite way, if I'm laning with Viper or Huskar vs a low HP int hero (Lina comes to mind from my last game on Unfair bots, 81/8 Huskar ), they should try to be more cautious (Try to tower-hug, autoattack their own creeps, don't let player get 8 attacks in a row, etc).

        Also, Insane Bots in Dota AI maybe were harder, but that was because of the XP Boost (IIRC it was something like 75% more EXP AND GOLD) and not because of their Teamwork or ability to gank human players
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