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Bots creating problems for new players.

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  • Bots creating problems for new players.

    I get a lot of beta keys and give them to my friends, and consequently I play a lot of bot matches with them to help them learn. However, I don't believe the behavioural patterns of bots at present are particularly helpful for beginner players; for the following reasons:

    -Bots always pick heroes with stuns, and typically will form an opposing team with 3 or 4 stunning heroes.
    -Said stuns are always executed with literally mechanical precision, in a group setting, resulting in their target always being killed and preventing escape which new players need to learn.
    -On a similar note, on the harder settings they deny with robotic precision, both units and towers. Humans are subject to human error and consequently cannot hope to compete with units that operate with mechanical perfection.
    -In a match against bots with bots on your own team they will steal kills, behave stupidly (go off on their own and get killed), never be around in group encounters and waste their ultimate. This is particularly bad when bots play Sven; typically the bot will use his ultimate, then run in place for 40 seconds while the human players are fighting the enemy bots.
    -Pertaining to the above, there are discrepancies in the "skill" of bots depending on which hero they pick. Clinkz and Sven when played by bots are both incredibly useless, whereas Vengeful Spirit as controlled by a bot will usually end the game with 25+ kills.
    -Bot behaviour is predictable, which results in two bad things. The first is that one can pick heroes who counter them extremely easily (against bots one can carry as Lich; because of their unholy lust for travelling in a group his ultimate is extremely effective). The second is that their lack of human error make other heroes unplayable; because many heroes rely on human error to kill their targets. For example, if one plays as Bloodseeker and uses Rupture on a bot, they will run a set distance and then stand still. This is not human and it is not an effective way to learn heroes. Some heroes, such as Pugna, are rendered totally useless by this; as bots will not cast spells in range of Nether Ward; and Pugna relies largely on the ignorance and tendency to panic that is found in human, not bot players.

  • #2
    What do you expect from bots? If you want them to act like low skilled humans why don't just play with/versus low skilled humans?
    Also, Clinkz bot? O_o
    Sorry for my bad English.


    • #3
      Because there's not a "low-skilled opponents only" option in the queueing options. Hence the reason bots exist in the first place. And yes, Clinkz bot. I have no idea either.


      • #4
        Lol i havent seen a clinkz bot yet. Umm try lowering the difficulty setting. They allow more mistakes on lower difficulty.


        • #5
          Yes, I managed to deduce myself that lower difficulty setting means easier. My complaint is about pattern behaviour in the bots across all difficulties. They always gank as a group of five no matter what the difficulty, they always pick stunners no matter what the difficulty, any bots on your team are incompetent no matter what the difficulty, et cetera. I am merely giving feedback.


          • #6
            Well. There is fixed number of bots implemented as of now and only ap mode works with them. So, if you see Clinkz or some other unimplemented bot you must be doing something wrong, and it (bot) will be indeed useless.
            With bots you can learn how game works in general, how spells work etc, thats about it. If you want to learn how to play - there are replays, dotatv (you can see how actual players play), youtube videos and pro(and not so pro ) streams. There is also "learn to play" section in play tab in game with "tutorials" "quests" and "play with a mentor" options. Might be a good start for a new player when those options will be implemented...
            You can't expect bots be helpfull in all areas, AI is just an AI. In any game it will always be predictable and far from ideal. Especially in game with complex mechanics. There are 100+ heroes in dota, all of them have some spells, there are many items, neutrals, creeps, etc. All of these are interacting with each other, it's not a simple task to program AI which can analyze all of these interactions and make right choice every time. Not to mention you don't want right choices from AI all the time.
            Sorry for my bad English.


            • #7
              Thanks for the feedback -- we'll be working on ways to make bots easier and more friendly for new players on the lower difficulty levels.