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[Suggestion] Give bots decreased courier priority

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  • [Suggestion] Give bots decreased courier priority

    Please give bots decreased courier priority. They use that thing damn near constantly. It's never at the base when you're in lane, and if you send it to the secret shop for something, it's only there for a second before it gets called back by a bot.

  • #2
    Bots should use side shops. Most of the items they transfer can easily be bought there...
    Sorry for my bad English.


    • #3
      I've seen the bots buy items on the courier and then they never actually deliver it to themselves. Not sure exactly how this is happening -- I have a feeling it happens if you issue a command while the bot has things to deliver. It'll never check to see if things are on the courier it wants.


      • #4
        Perhaps try shift queing courier abilities.
        Hold Shift and hit the command you want it to use. So Shift+D to retrieve items, then Shift+F to Deliver. That way you assure yourself the bots will wait until it's done with your turn before they use it next. Unless they cancel it, I haven't tried this with bots yet.
        This ain't ova.


        • #5
          This. This so effing much. I was just practicing lasthitting with bots, and I had to constantly wrestle with the bots for control of the courier. When I bought my bottle the damn courier was clopping merrily away with a magic stick to one of the sidelanes, and when I tried to bottle crow...well, it wasn't pretty.


          • #6
            In the next update bots will only consider the courier available if it's idle and in the fountain.


            • #7
              So I've tested my earlier suggestion with shift queue courier abilities and it works. Bots DO NOT interrupt your courier if you queue the courier abilities. EVERYONE should consider learning this aspect of the game as it greatly decreases the likelihood of yourself interrupting someone else's courier delivery in an actual match as well as them interrupting yours. It really comes in handy for setting up any ability/item usage combos.
              This ain't ova.


              • #8
                Also perhaps they should only use one chicken so I can make another one for bottle crow? I had a game where they constantly used both chicken to ferry one circlet or wand or scroll to the sidelanes.