I had numerous games where I practically begged them (from a polite ping to a pinging spam) to push or gank someone and all I saw was "Pushing mid", them coming 3 meters then going back randomly (from a stupid decision to farm to the extreme roshan gank - I say gank cos they do 6 hits then leave to push randomly for 2-3 meters then run back).
Also it takes them a long time to actually plan the move. They have little desirability to push even when they initiate it.

Going in:
Even though I might rush a game and we can be inside the enemy base to destroy the barracks in say 25 minutes they have little desirability to fully pursue this. 2-3 hits on the tower (even if no enemies or creeps are around and it's smooth sailing) then back off. They do get a stronger sense of finishing the game if I make the game last for over 40-45 minutes. There are moments when I somehow kill all 5 or say 4 of them (very rare with their help) and tho our only "problem" are enemy creeps they'd rather farm, do roshan or roam pointlessly than finish the enemy base (or even try destroying some buidlings or at least do 75% damage...). I get more cooperation from creeps

There were moments when somehow I managed to get them to push all the way to a barracks BUT if our tower is attacked (say a large creep wave) they'd rather all TP to defend it. Basically they'd trade a chance to waste even half of a lane's enemy buildings (tho chances are we could finish the whole lane) for a tier 3 tower.

The same persuasion problem appears. There are moments when we're 4 or 5 and there are just 2 enemies and my team hesitates.
When I do manage to boost their morale, they run after the target and even though they have plenty of chances to blink, stun, shackle etc. they don't, they DO wait for the enemy victims to be near their tower and my team eventually dies sacrificing 4 heroes for 1 or 2.

Also the enemy victim (usually if they're alone) can sense you coming. Imagine Lina on the bottom corner (just before a tier 4 radiant bottom tower) farming, you being around the first radiant jungle bottom creep point - no wards), you taking EVERY possible precaution to not be seen, but her "spider sense" is tingling and she leaves.

The "pushing X" and "ganking X" notifications are good, but can you please add "miss" and "back" notifications as well ?
While in pubs "miss" has priority, I think "back" would be more useful in bot games simply because they initiate a push or a gank, you go in hoping to actually make the game advance and after you die you realize your backup crew is half way to the base for no reason whatsoever. If they sense (?) a dangerous situation they should at least warn you.

Also, there are some situations when they say they gank someone but go gank someone else. Happens rarely but it is annoyign since you have no idea what to do.

For some reason my team never accepts to travel together. I can get at most 2 more bots with me, the fourth usually farms and the other ... not sure, it kinda depends. The enemy team is almost always together

I'll try a game with the console commands for thoughts if it will help

Ah, one last thing. There are moments when the bots want someone dead so eagerly that the ganking group (either mine made up of 2 :P) or the enemy (usually 4 sometimes 5) follow the target all the way near the fountain. Since they are 4-5 they hardly die. Since mine are 2 they just go to a sure death.