With this new patch, it feels incredibly frustrating playing bots
Our three bots just camped there for a good few seconds and Tiny bot (yellow) was hopeless, did absolutely nothing. At times he just camped at the ledge for 1 minute.

It's been said over and over again, and I thought it was fixed but it's seem to have regressed back, but: Your ally bots do not ever defend. Ping all you want, but Jugger bot decides to farm. And the rest don't come either.

When you ping to initiate a gank, the enemy bots know and runs away.

Say if me and my friend play a bot game - three bots on your team - two go top, one is bot. We both choose to go bot after like 10 secs after the timer starts. The bot there won't move. So instead, it becomes 2 top, 0 mid, 3 bot.

Bots STILL take your last hits.
Tiny takes my (AM) last hits, WR does it too.

There sometimes seems to be an imbalance in your team when you play.
There's been once I was a carry, my friend was a support hero, and we had CM, WR, and Jugger on our team.
The enemy bots had Lina, Sven, Tiny, Sniper +1. It wasn't pretty late game.

Whilst the use of courier by the bots is appreciated, but surely they themselves can buy things like Boots and Wands if they are laning top/bottom?

Courier - Sometimes I send the courier to the secret shop, but once it reaches there, before I can click what I want, the bot brings it back to base.

The position by which your ally is TP-ing out before dying is quite funny. They just channel the TP somewhere extremely obvious and die and lose 135 gold.